living in the fast lane

People who know me in real life would know that I’m hardly ever patient. It’s always about instant gratification with me, and all about the speed. I want things to finish my tasks as quickly as possible, I don’t ever want to dwell about any work for a minute longer than necessary. And I get frustrated when people don’t move as quickly as I want them to, or if they need more time to figure things out. This is an issue that I’ve had ever since I was a kid, and even now, I still find it hard to control my impatience when people aren’t reacting quick enough.

It is a supremely bad habit, this tendency of mine to be a ‘backseat driver’, in which I not=so-subtly direct people to do things because I think they’re too slow or incompetent, or just because I want them to just finish up instead of dallying around double checking things. I know it irritates other people, and I don’t blame them because I would be super pissed as well if someone was just sitting behind me, looking over my shoulder and telling me what to do as though I don’t know how to do my job.

But like with all addiction recovery methods, the first step after denying the fact that you can be bloody annoying, is to accept the fact that your quirks might not be universally loved and start changing these undesirable qualities. I doubt I’d be able to curb myself from wanting people to hurry the fuck up all the time, but I’m going to start by ignoring how slowly or quickly other people do their work. It really doesn’t matter unless your boss is terrible and gives you more work after seeing how fast you are… then that’s unfair. But you know what, I’ll just do my own thing at my own pace, and if you’re slower or faster, that’s your own freaking problem. No more snapping at people, no more telling them what to do, no more irritated snarky remarks.


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