Day 16

ignore this if you think the idea of two guys kissing is revolting and if you have good taste because my idea of romance is probably more Tim Burton-esque than it should be…?

“Erie Hawke, you are the most infuriating man I know.” Fenris growled, his green eyes narrowed in exasperation at the mage’s careless attitude when it came to his companions.

The dark haired man grinned cheekily, “I’m the most infuriating? Anders and Carver must be so sad to lose that little competition.”

Fenris took two steps forward, putting himself directly before Erie. He was slightly amused to note that if he stood up completely straight, he would be the same height as Erie. The man was really quite short for a human, “I swear to the Maker, you enjoy testing the limits of my patience.”

“That is true,” Erie murmured, his eyes focused on Fenris’ thin lips, “You look very pretty when you’re all riled up.” They were certainly close enough that he could lean an inch forward and kiss those lips, if he had the courage to do so. He liked the broody elf certainly, but he wasn’t sure how Fenris thought of him. He would be mortified if Fenris rejected his advances and thought of him as yet another creepy pathetic mage like that dirty old creep Danarius.

Fenris bit back a Tevinter curse, noting Erie’s words, but paying far more attention to their close proximity and feeling the heat of Erie’s gaze on him. Heart stuttering, he decided to take a blind leap of faith, and crushed their lips together in a fierce kiss, pinning Erie’s back to the wall behind him.

The man moaned and kissed back in equal fervour, his lips parting immediately when Fenris swiped at them, demanding entrance. He felt slightly lost, unsure of what exactly to do. Other than reading the series of tawdry romances penned by Varric, he had no real experience at all in the area of love, and he really did not want to screw it up with Fenris. Being an apostate mage constantly on the run made it hard for one to find the time for romance.

They parted for air reluctantly, Fenris’ hand still cupping the back of his head, while Erie had wound his arms around the elf’s waist. He removed them hastily, his face heating up.

“I see I’ve found a way to keep you quiet for once.” Fenris remarked, his lips quirked in a small smile.

“I’m sure you can think of more,” Erie reached up to grasp hold of Fenris’ hand, “Do you… will you come up with me?”

Fenris allowed himself to be led up to Erie’s room. Despite the lavish estate and the luxurious decor, Erie’s room was simple enough. A huge bed dominated the room, big enough for all four Hawke siblings to curl up together certainly. A small fire crackled merrily in the fireplace, infusing the room with a soft golden glow. Books and papers were strewn all over the floor, which caused Fenris to chuckle.

Erie wrinkled his nose at the mess, “I didn’t expect visitors in my room. It’s not normally this terrible!”

“It looks better than the state of Danarius’ mansion. I wouldn’t really worry so much.” Fenris said wryly, thinking of the musty estate with its drafty rooms and questionable stains. He had not really bothered to clean up, believing his stay to be merely temporary. Except that he had been living here in Kirkwall for quite a while already.

“I don’t know why you don’t bother making the place less atrocious,” Erie remarked, “Isn’t it time you… put down some roots?”

Fenris shook his head roughly, refusing to elaborate on the matter though. Erie didn’t like the terse frown he was sporting and sought to remedy the situation.

“Now that I have you in my lair, I wonder what I shall do with you,” he wriggled his eyebrows comically, hoping that the silly expression would at least elicit a smile from the elf.

Fenris surprised him by bursting into sudden laughter. Before he could properly savour the unexpected victory, Fenris had tackled him to the bed.

He hardly had the time to recover his breath before Fenris was kissing the life out of him. Erie went willingly, submitting under the rough attention Fenris was paying him.


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