Day 14

a continuation of my Dragon Age fic, not exactly linked to where we left off in Day 1. Because being linear isn’t fun, right?

There was a sharp impatient knock on his front door before it swung open without a care that the owner of the mansion had yet to grant entrance. After all, the knock was only a perfunctory nod to social etiquette, and not a request.

Fenris knew who it was at the door, having deduced the caller’s identity from their self assured entrance into his ‘borrowed’ mansion. He refused to call any place home, for he had no real intentions of putting down roots here in Kirkwall. Things like that were for the Hawkes, who had managed to reclaim Leandra’s ancestral home. The Hawkes deserved to build a home in Kirkwall, having lost theirs in Lothering due to the Blight. They had someone to make this bleak city, with its unfeeling citizens and cold walls, a hospitable and welcoming place. For someone like him, home was nowhere near in sight. Not when he had possibly chased away and hurt the one person he had cared most about.

Aria stormed into the room, her dark grey eyes reflecting a storm brewing. She planted herself directly in front of him, a scowl firmly affixed to her face, her posture almost haughty and worthy of her noble title. She reminded him of those arrogant magisters back in Tevinter. Except he knew that her anger had stemmed from her love of her brother, not for power or wealth.

He gazed at her evenly, his own green eyes giving nothing away. Despite her slight frame, common for rogues, she still managed to loom over him, from his seated position.

“Well done, Fenris,” she said sardonically, “Of all the people in Lothering and Kirkwall, you have managed to hurt Erie the most. And this is considering that we have all nearly been roasted to death by a High Dragon.”

“Do not imagine that I did it out of any sense of malice, Aria. It was the most painful thing for me too.” He answered, his voice rough with unspoken emotions.


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