Things I Love Thursday

Surprise, surprise, Thursday just rolled by again and we all know the drill now. Such a short list this week, but unfortunately I had been too sick to go around gallivanting much the past few days.

The Singapore Writers’ Festival ended last weekend, and it had been one fun ride, especially the South American focused literature sessions. I found the writers to be witty and interesting, with their own unique perspective. Well, to me, at least, since I rarely venture into the South American side.

I got these bunch of cards advertising a new app, Text in the City, where people can write poems about Singapore’s landscape, though I’m not too sure just how many people would take part in this…?

So I got this cute little Doctor figure a while back, and I thought he looked a tad lonely by himself on my shelf, so I picked up a friend for him while I was down at Kinokuniya~ Who ended up accompanying our lovely Sixth Doctor?

Ta-da~ I got myself a Weeping Angel! :D Which was my first choice, though I guess a Dalek would have been pretty awesome too!

I decided to get myself a proper cup for work the other day, and well, of course I’d go for something that I’d want to keep for myself after my work has ended. Aaaand hello, overpriced Chopper cup!

And now that I have my cup, I needed a beverage. I had a pot of genmaicha the other day for lunch, and I decided that it was delicious enough to buy a pack of my own to bring into office.

The Chinese translation had stalled for too long with the DRRR!! manga, so I ended up resorting to the English translations. I haven’t gotten around to reading it yet, but I hope it’s a decent translation. Well, I’d still like it, I guess, since you know, Durarara is such an awesome series. I only wish I could find it in me to get around to finishing the Chinese translated novels.


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