Day 12

a yakuza-mafia thing, with a side of mystery and drama.

He doesn’t know why he trusts the older man. Sure, he might be a close friend of Hayato’s, but Hayato did have plenty of unsavoury acquaintances that he doesn’t care for. Yet something about Gregory makes Kazuki trust him instinctively and somehow, the teen doesn’t like it. Not one bit, and he makes these sentiments very clear to the older man. The mafia boss quirked his lips in a wry smile, “How unpleasant! To think that I like Kazuki-kun so much.”

Kazuki bristled slightly at the close form of address taken with him, “Sinagra-san -”

“Please, call me Greg,” he interrupted smoothly.

“Sinagra-san, I don’t know what your motives are, trying to befriend me. Whatever promises or arrangements that Hayato-nii had with you and your Familia shall be honoured as long as they are in black and white. I will ensure that the Y-gumi remains on positive terms with the Sinagra Familia.”

“Interesting,” Gregory inclined his head thoughfully, “Well, I doubt this was noted down in contract, but I owed your brother a favour and now I believe that the debt shall be transferred to you. If you ever require my assistance, you know how to find me.”

“I doubt I would stoop to needing your help,” Kazuki snapped bluntly, “Now if you’d excuse me.”

The teen swept from the room with a feline grace, strands of his long black hair whipping behind him as he stode briskly. He tried hard to hold on to his feelings of irritation and dislike, even as he was slowly developing a healthy appreciation in seeing Gregory in a finely tailored suit.


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