Day 10

Remember Day 5? This is a sort of continuation, except we’re not directly where we left off but I’m too lazy to connect the dots in between, which is why I can’t ever colour anything nicely.

He didn’t dare to breathe, his senses alert to any disturbances in the environment, while his body was taut like a wire ready to snap at any given moment. The shadows cloaked him from being seen as he crept towards tonight’s target. A black jaguar ready for action, stalking his prey patiently.

The target was soundly asleep, looking a far cry from his cold exterior normally. Sooty lashes hid the brilliant blue of his eyes, while his carefully styled sable hair was tousled from sleep. He looked much younger when his lips were turned down in a fearsome scowl.

Inch by inch, Ryder moved slowly, careful not to wake him with any of his movement. The reason why he had chosen to attack while the man was asleep was because he knew that he was no fight for the other man normally. In a fair fight, Ryder knew that he was at an disadvantage and he had to use any method to gain victory, even one as underhanded as attacking someone when they’re vulnerable.

He took another step forward. His grip on the sharp blade was tight, nearly painful, as he prepared himself for the deadly blow. He only had one chance and failure was not acceptable. He wanted to draw a breath, but dared not.

Just one more step and it’ll all be over.

The dagger clattered to the ground, breaking the silence in the room. Ryder winced at the sound, mainly afraid it would draw the attention of the guards stationed outside, but also because his wrist was held captive by the target and it hurt.

“You! You weren’t asleep at all, were you!” Ryder whispered angrily, glaring into those impossibly blue eyes.

“No, not at all,” the man agreed easily, his thin lips curling up into a half-smirk. Those eyes were sharp icicles though. “I knew that your spies were monitoring me since at least a month back, so I put up a little show for them. Now, be good and answer my questions. Who sent you tonight? Were you behind the other assassinations as well?”

Ryder laughed, a mirthless sound, “Really? You expected answers from me? You might as well go ahead and kill me now.”

“Don’t be so hasty, little kitten. I won’t kill you just yet, you’re still useful to me.” he replied, using his grip to drag Ryder closer, until they were face to face, a mere breath apart. Those blue eyes pinned him to the spot, momentarily hypnotizing him, which allowed the man to turn the tables with one swift movement.

And Ryder found himself pushed onto the bed, his remaining free hand cuffed to the bed post. He began to struggle even more, “I’m going to kill you, bastard! What the hell do you want with me!”


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