BPAL; Lilith vs the Giant Crab

The first scent in the Bean Birthday update was created by her Uncle Brian…

I made this scent to commemorate the first time I played hooky with the Little Bean. I took her to the Long Beach Aquarium, where she battled a giant crab with her bare chubby fists. Needless to say, my niece was victorious. Deadliest Catch ain’t got nothin’ on her!

Tangerine cream, benzoin, white sandalwood, white pear, tonka, and ambergris accord.

To be honest, the name reeled me in first. Doesn’t the name just evoke some sort of a crazy story in your mind immediately? Even if I didn’t know that it was named in honour of a child, I’d have imagined the biblical Lilith facing off the giant crab in one of Hercules’ Twelve Labours. Idk, I like my mythologies crossing over – imagine Hades and Osiris exchanging tips on how to rule the afterlife? Or Aphrodite popping over to Freyja’s home and gossiping about the various pantheons? Or Bast hanging out with nekomatas?

This opens with the sweetest and creamiest orange, like one of those artificial orange sweets with vanilla cream in its centre. After a while, there’s this watery note but vaguely fizzy as well, which rather reminds me of a soda water with salt? I suspect it’s the ambergris accord that is giving me this salty aspect, whereas the sweetness is contributed mainly by the tangerine cream and tonka notes. The drydown remains a simple blend of marine and tangerine, so there’s very little morphing for this perfume.

Lilith vs the Giant Crab is also a surprisingly warm scent, sweet and fruity, leaning slightly towards something aquatic, which is quite a strange combination for me. This one has pretty good lasting strength, though the sillage doesn’t really do much, unless I slather on a ton of the stuff.


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