Day 7

in which I abuse the scene change function and try too hard to come up with witty banter. Also, high school life, what do I know!?

It was an unconscious decision that drew him to the old music room. Sick of all the noises in the busy cafeteria and the carious couples snuggling in the library, he had sought to find a better place to eat his lunch in relative peace.

Although the old music room was probably dusty from ages of disuse, it would be quiet. Or rather, it should be quiet.

Someone was playing the piano; teasing out a quick and lively tune from the aged keys and the sound danced its way out of the small room and into the corridor.

Seth shrugged to himself as he settled down outside the music room. At least this was music, very good music, not noise. Besides, he was sure that whoever playing the piano did not know that he was out here listening to them play, making this a good place for lunch.

When the bell rang abruptly, Seth found himself almost reluctant to leave even though he had already finished eating and was merely leaning against the wall to better enjoy the music. On the other hand, he did not exactly relish being caught eavesdropping.


His feet led him down the same corridor once more as the music guided him forward. Today’s piece was vaguely haunting and terribly terribly sad. It was a pair of melancholic hands that swept across the wide expanse of black and ivory.

He sat down as silently as possible and listened closely, his lunch lying before him, half forgotten as he lost himself in the wistful melody. Unexpected tears welled up in his eyes, touched by the heartfelt melancholy that the piece portrayed. He almost didn’t want to go, hoping to catch a glimpse of the pianist that evoked such emotions within him, but self-preservation dragged him away once more.


It became some sort of a routine; escaping the crowded corridors and noisy students to this isolated corner of unpredictability. Sometimes the music was happy, full of quick spiralling melodies and energetic movement. Sometimes it would be angry, still quick and energetic, but hard and grim, each note hanging heavy. But he liked it most when the music was sad. Ethereal and longing, slow or swift, dark and solemn, it was always very real; it made him feel closer to the pianist, as if he knew the other person on a much more personal level.


“Hey, Seth! Where ya going? It’s been ages since we’d had lunch together. C’mon man, you’re the captain of the team, you should hang out with us more! Team bonding, no?” Jensen snagged hold of the back of his collar easily, being a head taller than Seth who was already quite tall at six feet.

Seth stopped in his tracks, not wanting to be choked. He glanced back at the pouting redhead, and softened visibly “Oh, alright. Stop pouting then, Jen. Act like the man you always proclaim to be.”

“Hey!” Jen protested loudly, letting go of Seth now that he had agreed to join them, “I shall let you know that I’m very manly! All the girls love me!”

“Hmm, the last time I checked, I was the one with the flooded locker of love letters from girls declaring their undying love to me,” Seth remarked blandly as they made their way to the cafeteria.

“Well, I do get my fair share of girls. What with being second best and all. Besides, don’t you know what they say about redheads?” Jen replied, slinging a friendly arm around Seth.

“Nope, I don’t, and I would not like to be enlightened. Now where’s the rest of the team?”

A smooth urbane voice behind him drawled, “Starving in hunger as we waited for your fashionably late arrival, O Captain.”

“A bit of starvation would do you all good. Builds character. You wouldn’t want people to accuse us of being merely pretty boys, do you, Kyle?” Seth answered, sitting down at the table with the rest of the members.

Kyle grinned, his bright blue eyes twinkling in merriment, “Ooh, touche, great Captain.”

“Alright, alright, dig in before you guys lose the ability to wield a racket properly. We’re going to burn off those calories during practice anyway. A hundred laps, what do you think?” Seth asked blithely.

“Character building?” Jen hazarded a guess, pout forming already.

“I was sort of hoping for a ‘yes’, but that’ll do,” Seth smirked, “For now.”

As they continued their friendly banter, all thoughts of the lonely corridor and enchanting music were pushed to the back of his mind and forgotten.


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