Day 6

Let’s have a random story snippet set in the medieval periods, shall we?

“This story was passed down from the greatest bards to lowly storytellers to the ears of the common folk, and now I recite to you the tale of our great Lord of Heaven, Tyridos, who once walked among mankind, spreading his inspiration and seeking out veins of evil to deliver judgement and salvation. In this particular tale, the great Tyridos had cleverly stopped the onslaught of the conquering armies of the South. In order to -” the old man began grandly, only to be rudely interrupted by a loud yell as the door to the tavern burst open.

“Alexius, you skiving rouge!” a broad shouldered man appeared at the entrance of the shoddy building. In the small, enclosed room, he seemed even taller than his six foot two frame suggested. He was dressed simply in a off white tunic, faded after bouts of constant washing and plain brown breeches. Dark brown hair glinted copper from the fire burning merrily on the hearth.

The boy in question spun around quickly, pale lips forming into a pout already, “Come on, Jin! It’s not as if I’m needed at the temple now. You don’t need to tell Brother Draghen about this, right?”

Jin scowled, “Brother Draghen sent me to find you, you moron! Now come. temple is receiving an important guest tonight.”

“But, but…” Alexius was clearly torn between desire and duty.

The old storyteller grinned, taking pity on the golden haired boy, “Run along, you scamp. Old man Milton’s still gonna be ‘ere tomorrow night.”

Alexius grinned back, his own smile full of mischief, “Well, that’s mighty kind of you!”

“I’ll be expectin’ drinks as thanks, me young lad,” the old man nodded as Jin half dragged, half carried Alexius away from the tavern.


The usually quiet temple was all alit with activity as novices scrambled to clean up the large compound that the temple was situated in while cooks once more stoked the flames to whip up a fine feast, with better quality ingredients than what the temple residents usually consume.

Alexius blinked at all this bustle, for just how important was this guest anyway?

Jin merely shrugged when the question was posed to him, “Brother Draghen told me to fetch you once he learned of the impending arrival of this guest. Maybe he’s the one who dumped you here all those years ago. Back to retrieve you, relieving us of your troublesome ways.”

Alexius mock punched the larger man, “Ha ha, very funny, Jin. I help with all the chores around here, remember?”

“You’re more trouble than help most of the time, remember?” Jin grinned at the younger boy’s peeved expression. He liked teasing Alexius, who always made the funniest faces when he was annoyed. It was like having a younger brother to tease.

Alexius made to retort when he saw Brother Draghen walk towards them.

For a priest, Brother Draghen cut an imposing figure in his scarlet robes. Almost as tall as Jin and just about as wide, he looked more like a military man than a priest.

“Finally back with us, Alexius?” Cornflower blue eyes peered down at him kindly, no hint of impatience or anger.

Alexius smiled sheepishly, “Sorry, Brother, I was just listening to the storyteller down at the tavern.”

“No worries, child. I know what it is like to be young and free. Curiosity and wonder eat away at you constantly,” Brother Draghen answered gently, “Now go clean up. We’re receiving an important guest soon. Jin, if you would help your fellow brothers with their duties?”

With a last whispered ‘Behave’ to Alexius, Jin strode away to obey Brother Draghen’s commands.


Alexius fidgeted restlessly as he stood beside Brother Draghen’s chair. The high collar of his shirt was uncomfortable for someone who was used to wearing loose fitting attire. And the thick boots hurt his feet, damnit.

Yet all at once, he lost all discomfort when he glanced up and locked eyes with one of the most beautiful beings he had ever seen. Dark hair in the shade of purest night cascaded down his back like a never ending waterfall. Wine coloured eyes regarded him calmly even as Alexius blushed red and dropped his gaze. Thin lips curved upwards slightly, forming a half smirk of amusement.

“Is this the young ward I left with you, Draghen?” the slender man asked, his voice a rich baritone.

Alexius’ curiosity was immediately peaked and he jerked his head back sharply at those words.


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