Day 5

this is supposed to be an alternate rewrite of Rapunzel, only that Rapunzel is a boy who is an assassin locked up in his tower by his mafia ‘father’ and only allowed out for missions. obviously I didn’t think about how he’d train to be a killer if he’s confined within his ‘tower’, but let’s assume it’s a big ‘tower’ and he has trainers brought in to hone his skills. See, no plot holes *cough cough*

“Summon the boy in,” he ordered, “There’s a mission for him tonight.”

The servants bowed lowly, and exited the room, none of them making a single sound. They had been properly trained before they were even allowed to step into the hallowed halls of the Acerbi House.

Within minutes, a lithe figure entered the room, just as silently as the servant had moved. In the dimly lit room, his pale skin was further accentuated, lending him an ethereal glow. Golden brown hair swept untidily into a messy knot made it look longer than it seemed, while dark eyes peered through long lashes. He was dressed formally, in a ebony black suit paired with a sober grey tie. Ruby studs winked in the soft light.

“Padre, you called for me?” he asked quietly, bowing his head respectfully towards the imposing man he called father. He caught the file tossed at him easily, more of a reflex action than anything else.

“Read that, the details have been compiled by my network. The car will leave at 2300 sharp. Remember, Ryder, I tolerate no failures,” he said coldly, sharp eyes boring into the younger man. “Dismissed.”

“Yes, Padre, I shall take my leave now.” Ryder murmured, hastily exiting the room. Another mission already? He had just returned from the previous mission two days ago. He allowed himself to be led back into his own wing, an offshoot of the North Wing, furthest away from the main house. It ensured that no one would come into contact with him.

As soon as he was in his room alone, he threw the file aside, preferring to ignore it until the last possible moment. Switching on his gaming console, he immersed himself in a particularly violent game. Only when it was almost time to go, did he start preparing.

Assassinations were not simple to carry out. A perfect job needed details right down to the last dot. But for all the planning, the main player would still be the assassin, the one who pulls the trigger, successfully or not.

Ryder knew his importance in the family, no matter how much he hated killing. That was his own personal issue. His father had took him in when he real parents died, gave him an identity and a place to belong to. Even though he had no freedom, he was at least glad that someone needed him, even if it was for their own selfish reasons.

Clad entirely in a black, his bright hair tucked under a cap, he slid smoothly into the back of the car, also black in colour. He settled in comfortably and started to skim through the file for the details of tonight’s mission. Who was the unlucky victim that had forced his father to take such a drastic action against him?


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