Wolfpeach Perfumes; Xochiquetzal

Happy Halloween~ :D and finally the October Challenge comes to an end. Which is good because I’ve run out of Autumn/Halloween related perfumes. And I don’t really want more pumpkin smelling things at the moment. I’m ready for the Winter/Yule collections, so bring on the peppermint and chocolate scents!

Xochiquetzal: Aztec goddess of love, fertility, flowers, female power and chocolate (or, more accurately, the Cacao tree). She played a role in the Aztec ritual, the Flowers War — an annual ritual war — the goal of which was to capture prisoners from the opposing side to be used in sacrifice. A dark, rich, spicy blend redolent with darkest chocolate and roses.

Another perfume in Wolfpeach Perfumes’ Dia de los Muertos 2012 Collection, Xochiquetzal is very different from Angelita. While Angelita was soft and creamy, Xochiquetzal opens with a blast of patchouli. (Aaaand unfortunately I’m not really fond of patchouli.) Spicy and smelling like slightly damp earth, this was my main impression until we got to the drydown, where I got the softest blend of flowers and dark chocolate.


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