Wolfpeach Perfumes; Angelita

Angelita: Innocence preserved, the child-angel, eternally unspoiled by the passage to adulthood. Opening up spicy sweet and a little green, with a whisper of gentle musk, this lovely scent dries down with a creamy, almost candy-like softness – like rose-carnation cream.

Before Wolfpeach Perfumes was set up, Angelita and Xochiquetzal belonged in the Twyla Perfumes and Apothecary lineup as part of the Dia de los Muertos 2012 Collection. However, as she moved to her new store, she also incorporated these two perfumes as part of the general catalogue.

Angelita opens like a dream, a veil of ethereal musk over creamy floral, from the rose and carnation notes. The spice is muted and hardly noticeable in this scent, and the whole effect of this perfume is very gentle. In fact, the spiciness is more obvious if you’re smelling it in the bottle. A fairly linear scent with hardly any morphing, Angelita is perfect for bedtimes, since it’s so comforting and soft. Angelita does not have a strong throw, even from the opening, but it does last for almost 3 hours. This is one full bottle I’m glad I bought!


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