White Magic Alchemy; Blood

The Vampire ~ Romanticized and immortal. Alluring and undead. Sex, blood and death ~
BLOOD ~ What devil or witch was ever so great as Attila whose blood flows in these veins… Blood is too precious a thing in these times ~
A voluptuous and mouth watering blood red infusion of cherry and almond, bitten with forest honey, red amber, lemon, ginger and a blood drop of lavender. Blood is the life…

While predominantly an Etsy store selling metaphysical items, White Magic Alchemy branches out to offer perfumes as well. In fact there are 6 different perfumes in the Vampire collection. This isn’t exactly a Fall/Halloween exclusive item, but is offered all year round. I think it’s suitable to be reviewed as part of the October Autumn/Halloween perfumes because it is based on vampirism.

Dyed red, Blood resembles its namesake upon application, like a tiny drop of blood welling up on your skin, thanks to the precise dropper applicator attached to the perfume cap. In the immediate opening, I get the scent of candied cherries, like those maraschino cherries, with a tiny hint of almond, crunchy and slightly bitter. After the perfume has settled on the skin, you’ll get the warmth of honey and amber. This warmth is quite fleeting, like a ‘blink and it’s gone’ kind of notion, which is when the lemon and ginger notes come into action, and the overall perfume becomes a clean sort of scent.

I’m not sure if it’s because Nancy doesn’t use synthetics in her perfumes or if it’s just my skin chemistry, but Blood is too fleeting for me – an hour and a half tops, and the throw of this perfume isn’t very high either. Only the sweet burst of cherries and almond is noticeable above skin level.


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