ice and snow

I think that despite my best intentions, I’m not a warm person. Warm in terms of how I treat people or make people feel, not my physical temperature, although it is true that I get cold easily. But even though I do want to care, and when I do care at times, I don’t think I ever manage to convey my feelings across to other people properly.

Maybe it’s always a case of ‘too little, too late’, or not meticulous/detailed enough to show that I care through my words or actions, and it makes people feel as though I don’t care? Yeah, for a lot of things and people, I genuinely don’t really care, but to those handful of people that matter quite a lot to me, I don’t know how I come across to them. Maybe my frivolous manner and coldness make them think that I don’t care about them, and I don’t know how to change that? And that sucks.


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