Sweet Anthem; Beatrice

(stock photo from the Sweet Anthem Etsy store because I can’t find the exact listing for this)

Sweet Anthem Perfumes is a tiny studio where perfumer Meredith Smith makes bottled stories you can read on your skin. Founded in 2001 as a small indie publisher and, later, re-formulated in 2007 as a small batch perfumery, the studio produces exclusive fragrances that you can’t find anywhere else. Based on legends, lore, literature, as well as scenes from Meredith’s own life, our perfumes are christened for the characters found within the stories that inspired them.

One of the main players in the late-shift masquerade, Beatrice is a hearty soul full of all sorts of fragrant warmth. What type of pie, indeed.

• Top Notes: Carrot Seed
• Heart Notes: Champa (incense), Rhubarb
• Base Notes: Frankincense, Mahogany, Tonka Bean

Beatrice is currently not in stock, and used to be in Sweet Anthem’s Fall collection.

Beatrice is warm and feminine, almost mature in a way, and not something I’d imagine smelling on some fresh-faced teenager. The sweetness of the perfume is evident from the opening, perhaps brought about by the carrot seed and rhubarb, as this sweetness is almost green and spicy. The incense is also quite noticeable from the start, and I think the frankincense and nag champa help to even out the sweetness with their smokiness. It is only in the drydown that you can sense the mahogany, as a subtle woody note in the background, never coming directly into play with the scent as a whole.

The sillage for Beatrice is actually pretty strong for a indie perfume, and its longevity is slightly longer as well, clocking in at about 5 hours before it fades away to nothingness on my skin.


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