Things I Love Thursday

Somehow I missed the previous two weeks’ TiLT, so… let’s not miss this one too, eh?

 So I guess I spent I’ve dropped a lot of cash at Sephora because I got a black card in the mail out of the blue. Which is supposed to incentivize me into spending more… Aaaaand of course I’m going to fall for it, haha, because we all know how much crap I like to buy for the sake of buying something, like my perfume wardrobe can only get larger, not smaller. (Nope, not unless I hit 20 bottles or something.)

My colleagues from the music school went to Korea on a company trip a couple of weeks back and they brought back a ton of stuff, mostly food and little souvenirs. I’m rather surprised that I got something actually, haha, since I’m only there once a week and I don’t socialise much. It’s hard to socialise when your schedule is packed from 9 am to 7 pm and you only have half an hour for lunch. But anyway, the packaging for this is adorable~ and according to Google, this is hand cream, which is pretty useful, I guess.

I tweeted about my excitement regarding getting my hands on BPAL perfumes, and they’re finally here! (BPAL is short for Black Phoenix Alchemy Laboratories and they have a huuuuuge catalogue of unique and interesting scents, inspired by different things, including Neil Gaiman works and moon phases.

Love in the Asylum is based upon Dylan Thomas’ poem and smells of roses and vanilla. Crow Moon symbolises the final Full Moon of winter, and it reflects the cold green scent of evergreen plants and final flowers. I also got a pack of Halloween samplers, not pictured here. I’m probably getting another two bottles in the mail in the next few weeks.

I lost my old ankh necklace a few years ago, I don’t know how I lost it – one moment I was wearing it, the next moment it was gone. Well, what’s lost is lost, no point harping on it. And I finally got around to getting a new one, just because they had a pretty cool looking design in the shop :D

 While Kiehl’s Tea Tree Oil Shampoo did not get fantastic reviews from Makeup Alley, I actually quite like it, especially the clean herbal smell of it. It can be quite drying on the hair, so I usually have to use conditioner afterwards, which is so troublesome, but anyway I usually use that period of waiting time to brush my teeth, so… yay, some multitasking at least?

Three is a collaborative choral concert between three different choirs, with extremely competent conductors such as Ko Matsushita, Jennifer Tham and Jonathan Velasco. I’m really glad to have gotten pretty good tickets at a steal, because student prices are really awesome, and we should never return our student passes even after we graduate, just so we can save on such costs, kekeke.

 Origin can be sucky at times, but it’s less sucky when they’re giving out free stuff, which is why I nabbed a copy of Bejeweled 3~ Oh and I did hear that they were giving out free copies of Dragon Age: Origins in anticipation of the latest Bioware release, but I already had it, so… Idk, just thought it was pretty cool of them, since the EA that I know is pretty crappy.

 And of course I’m super excited about Dragon Age: Inquisition! Plus it apparently comes with Dragon Keep, which means that you can customise the entire setting of the previous two games, because I haven’t finished DA:O, and I can’t exactly carry over my Warden from the previous saves, and I might have lost my old DA2 files because my computer sucks sometimes. And yes, my excitement is also partially fuelled by the fact that I had stumbled upon my old Dragon Age fanfiction saved on my Google Drive. Heh.

I…. don’t know why I decided to rewatch Tennis no Oujisama… buuuuut I’ve fallen down the rabbit hole, and here I’ll stay until I’ve finished rewatching the entire series. I’m currently still hanging around the 20+ episodes because it’s taking forever to load. But man, the production quality was really crappy back in the days, seriously, the art is soooo bad sometimes, like people’s faces get distorted and shit, and I didn’t even realise last time, I think! But I’m totally noticing it now, especially because the animation studios have gotten much better over the years, haha.

Of course, watching Tennis no Oujisama, with its large cast of bishounen, reading fanfiction is definitely a part of why I’m rewatching it XD I’m thinking of doing a fic recs soon, because there are pretty good fic out there for this fandom.

And of course, Brooklyn Nine-Nine is back and it is hilarious~ :D And I still love it! That is all I have to say so far, since it’s only been three episodes or so.

Real Life:
My replacement temp has been found! *cue hallelujahs all around* She’s seems pretty nice, one of the more demure/quieter type, but capable and with her own silent strength types, I think. But then again, I’m not a fantastic judge of character, so I hope fingers crossed, that she can handle all the shit once I leave!

And of course, my last day of work is finally dawning – do you know how awesome it is to finally leave?! I mean, it’s not a bad job as my supervisor is so good to us, my work isn’t that hard etc, but it is really boring after 10 months. Dude, a pregnant person would have already given birth to an actual living thing by then! Can you imagine it!! D: And I’m still temp-ing here?! Whut. So yeah, tis time for me to move on to greener pastures, I hope.

Lastly, I’m glad to have met up with some of my friends, since I’ve been pretty much a loner these past few weeks, just doing my own things, going at my own pace, which…. sounds pretty sad when I type it out, ahaha. *scratches head sheepishly* Managed to catch up with Kim and some of the old temps, good gossip all around, and the such. I’m probably going to be much freer soon, so hopefully I’ll get to hang out with more people soon! And also go out with myself more, haha. You can’t change a loner’s spots, or something.


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