Haus of Gloi; Saft Ernte

Moving on to Haus of Gloi~ The bunch of Fall samples that I have seem to be out of this season’s rotation, unfortunately… though not overly surprising, since I bought them a couple of years back.

A merry drink of harvest and glowing with warmth. Peach juice simmering with sweet spices, pumpkin, silken hazelnut cream and made completely curious with a drop of orange blossom water.

Saft Ernte opens with one of the sweetest peach note ever, and it’s amped up by the pumpkin. This isn’t the fuzzy soft peach like the one in Keiko Mecheri’s Peau de Peche, where the peach note is understated and warm. Instead haus of Gloi’s peach reminds me more of canned peaches, along with the syrupy juices. This would be probably quite awesome as a drink, haha. The spices help to balance out the sweetness of the perfume, but they’re mostly subtle and unnoticeable. The hazelnut cream is completely lost on me nor did I detect any orange blossom note. However, I did notice the hazelnut smell in the sample vial, so I guess my skin just ate the note or something.

The sillage was fine during the opening, but once the main blast of peach died down, the throw of Saft Ernte dropped completely to a skin scent, which is a little disappointing, because I actually quite like this one, for all its tooth aching sweetness, and the wear time is pretty standard, clocking in at about 3 hours or so.


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