sleep to forget | a mixtape to soothe you into dreaming

because when you’re sick, what you need most is for your overactive brain to take a break and rest. and because I’m incapable of taking care of people and music is the only way I know how to show that I’m not completely devoid of caring about your life and death. sorry.

01. endless melancholy – nostalgia

02. ólafur arnalds – ágúst

03. dustin o’halloren – snow + light

04. múm – green grass of tunnel

05. ludovico einaudi – le onde

06. philip glass – the hours

07. sylvian chauveau – a cloud of dust

08. dir en grey – ain’t afraid to die
(街角に一輪の花 空を見上げれば最後の雪が掌に零れて | on the street corner, one single flower / when I look up at the sky, the final snow will spill into the palm of my hand)


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