Sugar and Spite; Something Wicked

creamy pumpkin, plump apples, anise, and a faint breeze carrying the scent of bonfires in the distance

Something Wicked is the last scent I have to review in Sugar and Spite’s Halloween Sampler. From the given notes, you can tell that this is yet another gourmand scent. To be honest, I think gourmand scents are safe and easy to like, because who wouldn’t like chocolate or hazelnut, for instance?

Anyway, I don’t know why but Something Wicked is just apples overdose on me. From the beginning till the end, apples was the main note dominating everything. There’s a hint of something metallic under the scent of apples when I first applied it, perhaps an ozone note? But it was quite faint and not obtrusive, so I kind of ignored it. The drydown which occurred within an hour or so brought along a trace of pumpkins and anise, creeping in like a thief in the dark, as the apple still holds centre stage. This one lasted around 4 hours or so, which is longer than some of the other scents in the sampler pack.

The next indie brand is One Hand Washes the Other~ And the first perfume review is already up :D


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