Sugar and Spite; Sinister

black licorice whips, tea leaves, and incense smoke from darkened caravans.

Sugar and Spite’s Sinister might be my favourite out of the lot of Halloween samples available. Opening with a dose of tea and even more tea, it is only slightly sweetened with black licorice, making it the most well-balanced perfume out of the rest, in my opinion. The licorice smells almost medicinal, but it’s not unpleasant. The incense is quite subtle on my skin, almost like an afterthought addition to the blend of licorice and tea. Unique and not overpowering, Sinister has the wear time of about three or so hours before fading away to a light indistinguishable sweetness. Sillage isn’t fantastic for me, I really have to be quite close to my wrist in order to detect it. But if I had the extra cash, I’d probably buy a full size of this.


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