Sugar and Spite; Grimoire

Ancient dusty spices, fire, smoke, charred wood, and turned earth

If the previous few Sugar and Spite scents have been overly sweet, well, Grimoire is definitely not a sweet/foodie one. Instead… upon first whiff, I get the smell of Chinese medicine, I don’t know if you guys have taken this for stomach trouble, but there’s this pill thing called Po Chai Wan (保济丸), and the opening of Grimoire smells totally like this. There’s also a sourness to it, maybe clove?? Cinnamon?? From the ancient dusty spices?? D: After the screeching spices overwhelm my senses, the tiniest hint of ash and smoke trail in, so faint and imperceptible in the background even though the clove note has toned down slightly to bearable levels. Grimoire died off at about the one hour mark, which leaves me quite relieved to be honest. This, despite the lovely name, is not a scent for me unfortunately!

There are just two more Sugar and Spite scents left, and hopefully they’ll fare better than Grimoire.


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