Sugar and Spite; Diabolique

orange blossoms dripping with sticky black honey, warm gingerbread, 3 vanillas, tea leaves and aloeswood

Although not described as such, the opening of Sugar and Spite’s Diabolique is sticky sweet candy on me, the kind you’d find at carnival fairs. It’s not overly foodie though, despite the honey and the gingerbread notes, but I don’t get any floral tones from the orange blossom either. The tea emerges after a while, a stable note lying low under the sweetness as it brings the cloyingness down a notch. However, it is absolutely disappointing to find that not even half an hour later, there is nothing left to smell on my skin other than a weird synthetic jumble of metallic + tea. What?! What’s going on here, and it was going swimmingly well when I first smelled it. Where’s my aloeswood and vanilla?!


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