Sugar and Spite; Carnivale Macabre

Second day featuring yet another Sugar and Spite Bathery product~

Description: A steaming cup of espresso, butter chocolate, black patchouli, and tiny spiced muffins sprinkled with cracked pepper and crumbles of hazelnut.

This is a through and through gourmand scent. (A gourmand scent is usually defined as such: perfume which consists primarily of synthetic edible (gourmand) notes such as honey, chocolate, vanilla or candy.) Even when I open my vial of perfume oil, I immediately get the notes of chocolate and patchouli. The sweetness of chocolate is tempered by the earthiness of patchouli. However, once you apply it, the one smell that would hit you the hardest would be the coffee. Hazelnut coffee, to be exact. It smells absolutely delicious, and I’m quite tempted to lick my wrist, even though that would be an extremely bad idea! You have to wait till the drydown before the buttery-ness and the peppercorns step in and dial down the strong sweetness of this perfume. Carnivale Macabre has quite a fair bit of throw on me, as the opening can travel quite far. It also has a longer wear time than Babylon, spanning about 4 or more so hours.

I do like this one, but honestly, it is a tad… ordinary? There isn’t anything about this scent that jumps out at me, but I do think that it is a well-blended perfume.


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