Sugar and Spite; Babylon

First day into my October Challenge~

Sugar and Spite Bathery is a perfumery based in California. Run by Lysa, you can find perfume oils, as well as other bath and body products, like soaps and body lotions. Originally known as The Morbid The Merrier, there was some drama created when she did not sent out the ordered products before closing up shop and opening a new one under a different name. However, she did refund everyone’s money in the end, though not everyone might have been pleased with the long wait.

Babylon contains notes of wood, twisted roots, damp earth, resin, incense smoke, red musk, oud and a waft of blood red cranberries.

My nose got super confused the first time I smelled this – it seemed like a huge jumble of things, mostly incense-y and smokey. It settled down after the first couple of minutes, and I start to differentiate the various scents. There’s the dirt and twigs feelings, as though you’re walking through a forest after the rain, but it’s entwined with the smell of faint incense in the background, creating a rather masculine scent. The sweet tartness of the cranberries didn’t appear until midway of my wear, probably after the 30 minutes mark, and it was still very subtle, hidden under the layer of musk and resin. The sillage of this perfume is pretty low, even upon first application, I couldn’t really smell it unless I brought my wrist pretty close. It managed to last only a couple of hours, growing fainter and fainter until nothing could be detected. This isn’t something I’d normally choose to buy for myself, if it’s not part of Lysa’s Halloween sampler, but it is still an interesting scent. I doubt I’ll purchase a full size version of this though.


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