fire burn, and cauldron bubble

my favourite season is autumn; when the leaves are falling off onto the ground and wither where they lay, and the days grow longer and colder. (unfortunately we don’t get that here, we only have the haze to create an even more humid atmosphere…)

but anyway, here’s what I’ve planned to do for the whole of October: Indie Autumn/Halloween inspired scents for 30 days. Yup, I have that many Halloween/Fall releases from various indie brands. So yeah, here’s the masterlist which I’ll link each post to when they’re up :D

UPDATE: completed challenge~

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The One That I Want

I’m no fan of Chanel No 5 – I recognise its place in the fragrance world and its role as the classic floral aldehydic perfume but I don’t really find myself appreciating the scent. But I thought this was an interesting advertisement for the brand, Baz Luhrmann’s style rings true throughout the short clip, from the music to the jewellery and the scene in the theatre house… though all the ‘5’ motifs, seriously? Subtle isn’t the look they’re going for, I see. (People seem divided on the whole Gisele Bundchen as the new face, but hey, it’s better than having Brad Pitt, non?)

Wolfpeach Perfumes; Xochiquetzal

Happy Halloween~ :D and finally the October Challenge comes to an end. Which is good because I’ve run out of Autumn/Halloween related perfumes. And I don’t really want more pumpkin smelling things at the moment. I’m ready for the Winter/Yule collections, so bring on the peppermint and chocolate scents!

Xochiquetzal: Aztec goddess of love, fertility, flowers, female power and chocolate (or, more accurately, the Cacao tree). She played a role in the Aztec ritual, the Flowers War — an annual ritual war — the goal of which was to capture prisoners from the opposing side to be used in sacrifice. A dark, rich, spicy blend redolent with darkest chocolate and roses.

Another perfume in Wolfpeach Perfumes’ Dia de los Muertos 2012 Collection, Xochiquetzal is very different from Angelita. While Angelita was soft and creamy, Xochiquetzal opens with a blast of patchouli. (Aaaand unfortunately I’m not really fond of patchouli.) Spicy and smelling like slightly damp earth, this was my main impression until we got to the drydown, where I got the softest blend of flowers and dark chocolate.

Wolfpeach Perfumes; Angelita

Angelita: Innocence preserved, the child-angel, eternally unspoiled by the passage to adulthood. Opening up spicy sweet and a little green, with a whisper of gentle musk, this lovely scent dries down with a creamy, almost candy-like softness – like rose-carnation cream.

Before Wolfpeach Perfumes was set up, Angelita and Xochiquetzal belonged in the Twyla Perfumes and Apothecary lineup as part of the Dia de los Muertos 2012 Collection. However, as she moved to her new store, she also incorporated these two perfumes as part of the general catalogue.

Angelita opens like a dream, a veil of ethereal musk over creamy floral, from the rose and carnation notes. The spice is muted and hardly noticeable in this scent, and the whole effect of this perfume is very gentle. In fact, the spiciness is more obvious if you’re smelling it in the bottle. A fairly linear scent with hardly any morphing, Angelita is perfect for bedtimes, since it’s so comforting and soft. Angelita does not have a strong throw, even from the opening, but it does last for almost 3 hours. This is one full bottle I’m glad I bought!

November Gameplan

So. Nanowrimo 2014 begins in a couple of days. And no, I’m not going to be doing Nanowrimo properly this year because I know I cannot make it. But just like with my October Challenge, where I review all the Autumn/Halloween related perfumes in my collection, I will be doing my own Nanowrimo-inspired challenge.

Over the course of November, I will endeavour to write 30 pieces of fiction, they may be unrelated to one another, be part of various fandoms, have no actual endings or beginnings and start in media res, be adaptations of other media, or be as short as 100 words, or based upon prompts found on writing communities on livejournals.

 “There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.”
― Ernest Hemingway

White Magic Alchemy; Blood

The Vampire ~ Romanticized and immortal. Alluring and undead. Sex, blood and death ~
BLOOD ~ What devil or witch was ever so great as Attila whose blood flows in these veins… Blood is too precious a thing in these times ~
A voluptuous and mouth watering blood red infusion of cherry and almond, bitten with forest honey, red amber, lemon, ginger and a blood drop of lavender. Blood is the life…

While predominantly an Etsy store selling metaphysical items, White Magic Alchemy branches out to offer perfumes as well. In fact there are 6 different perfumes in the Vampire collection. This isn’t exactly a Fall/Halloween exclusive item, but is offered all year round. I think it’s suitable to be reviewed as part of the October Autumn/Halloween perfumes because it is based on vampirism.

Dyed red, Blood resembles its namesake upon application, like a tiny drop of blood welling up on your skin, thanks to the precise dropper applicator attached to the perfume cap. In the immediate opening, I get the scent of candied cherries, like those maraschino cherries, with a tiny hint of almond, crunchy and slightly bitter. After the perfume has settled on the skin, you’ll get the warmth of honey and amber. This warmth is quite fleeting, like a ‘blink and it’s gone’ kind of notion, which is when the lemon and ginger notes come into action, and the overall perfume becomes a clean sort of scent.

I’m not sure if it’s because Nancy doesn’t use synthetics in her perfumes or if it’s just my skin chemistry, but Blood is too fleeting for me – an hour and a half tops, and the throw of this perfume isn’t very high either. Only the sweet burst of cherries and almond is noticeable above skin level.

ice and snow

I think that despite my best intentions, I’m not a warm person. Warm in terms of how I treat people or make people feel, not my physical temperature, although it is true that I get cold easily. But even though I do want to care, and when I do care at times, I don’t think I ever manage to convey my feelings across to other people properly.

Maybe it’s always a case of ‘too little, too late’, or not meticulous/detailed enough to show that I care through my words or actions, and it makes people feel as though I don’t care? Yeah, for a lot of things and people, I genuinely don’t really care, but to those handful of people that matter quite a lot to me, I don’t know how I come across to them. Maybe my frivolous manner and coldness make them think that I don’t care about them, and I don’t know how to change that? And that sucks.

Darling Clandestine; Spurn

bright bursts of pomegranate, tempered with aged wood and haunted by marigolds
At each silence, the ache of the blade that released your indecorous wrath. Twist it.

Darling Clandestine’s Spurn is part of her Falloween Collection, which I bought last year. It is part of four scent suite, and the only one I managed to grab before everything got sold out, because Darling Clandestine is super popular with the indie folks. Not surprising because Evonne has fantastic customer services and very unique products. (Case in point: She ran out of her usual 8 ml dropper bottles for the Falloween scents, so I ended up with 15 ml version of the perfume with no extra charge.)

Described as a unisex to feminine scent, Spurn opens with the sweet tartness of pomegranate, though this bright sharp note is evened out with a slight beeswaxy smell, almost as though you have left a candle burning. As it dries down, the sweetness tones down as well to become a creamy floral scent with a slight hint of bitterness, which I take as the aged woods and marigolds.

A pretty and interesting scent, Spurn has a moderate sillage, strong in the opening but gets progressively weaker subsequently, and a wear time of about 3 to 4 hours.

it’s always dim lights in the darkness with you

your ability to be honest and forthright shames me for all the things that I wished I could have said. you know, the times where I go over things in my head in the middle of the night, wishing I could have said something else and possibly change everything in the present. it’s not exactly regret, because what I have now isn’t too shabby either, it’s more like… wanting to know the alternate paths that I abandoned when I embarked on one particular choice. life is not like one of those ‘choose your own adventure’ books where you have bookmarks at every choice junction, so you know where to flip back to if you got a less than satisfactory ending. and I’m afraid that the ending I have chosen so far is going to be one of those. but there’s nowhere to turn back to. because you can’t edit life mid-sentence, or turn a few pages back and take back what you said or say what you didn’t/couldn’t/shouldn’t. you were too worried about how people saw you, too scared of the consequences, too busy pretending you were someone else. and that’s what I dislike about myself and about you sometimes, for not thinking before speaking, but you’re not fazed by other people’s reactions. to me, that honesty is refreshing, because gods know how dishonest I am, to everyone and to myself. and see, even now I’m just typing words in an abstract manner, not referring to anyone by name or any situation directly, because I still can’t spit the words out. It’s all in my head, all bottled up, until I’m lying on my deathbed, but by then I’d be too weak to say anything concrete and everything that I want to say would have to be burned up into ashes and scattered to the winds, and that’s alright with me, I think. nothing that I want to say to people should be voiced. let the winds take them and forget them.

Sweet Anthem; Nell

 (stock image from the Etsy store)

“We met, ’twas in a crowded room somewhere, as someone sings,
in the ballroom I spied an angel wanting wings.
She floated in a gay quadrille,
mazurka’d, polka’d as well,
but whirling in the waltz
the darling, she tripp’d an’ fell…”
– 18th Century Scottish Ballad

Nell – A tea fit for any such party: gilded roses, a bouquet of carnations, and a black tea sweetened with milk, spiked with a smattering of cardamom, and a peach slice swimming where a lemon should be.

• Top Notes: Cardamom, Creamy Milk, Peach
• Heart Notes: Carnation, Rose
• Base Notes: Black Tea

The last perfume in Sweet Anthem’s Fall 2011 Collection that I own, Nell is much lighter compared to the previous two perfumes, Beatrice and Maureen. Sweet, slightly tart and spicy, with a smoky undertone lingering softly, that’s how I found the opening of this perfume. So I’m assuming I got the cardamon and peach notes with some rose flavoured black tea. It feels more girlish as compared to the two more mature leaning scents. The sweetness tones down slightly once it has dried down, creating a light creamy floral scent. Nell is highly enjoyable, and good for daytime wear.