throwback tuesday | a mixtape from the past decade

Idk, I guess I was a little nostalgic, but here’s some of my most-played songs from when I was a teenager in secondary school trying not to fit in even though I knew that I didn’t mind conformity as long as people left me alone to do my own shit. Or rather, how I learn to hide my weirdness and attempt to be cool. Nowadays, I find that I don’t give a shit if I’m cool or not, and I’m fine with telling people about my unglam moments. (When I was 13, I’d slit my own throat before owning up that I got a bruise on my face because I banged it against the table while picking up a pen on the floor, but now? I just announced that on the internet where nothing disappears and I don’t feel anything beyond ‘eh, who the fucks cares?’)

01. alice nine. – shunkashuutou (春夏秋冬)
(揺られてた、小さな想いは大空に夢を描くから / この夢は終わらせたくない言葉はもう要らない | we were shaken, but because our tiny feelings etch the dream across the great sky / I don’t want to let this dream end, we don’t need words anymore.)

02. Rentrer en Sol – I Hate Myself and Want to Die
(見つけ出せない / 暴き出せない / 教えろ生きる意味を | I cannot find it / I cannot discover it / please show me the meaning of living)

03. dir en grey – mushi
(心が残した信じる意味の強さを / 私を殺した私心 | my heart has left me with a belief in strength / my own heart killed me)

04. LM.C – Oh My Juliet
(ねぇ神様.. 教えてよ どうすれば願いは叶う? | hey, god, answer me, how can our wishes come true?)

05. An Cafe – Bonds ~ 絆 ~
(理解はいらない共感してくれ | I don’t need you to understand, just sympathize with me)

06. Akeboshi – Wind
(you still are blind, if you see a winding road,’cause there’s always a straight way to the point you see)

07. plastic tree – melancholic
(確かな光に伸ばした手は未来まで届くはず | in the light, my outstretched hands reached the future)


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