Twyla Perfumes and Apothecary; Rose Coloured Glasses

Before Wolfpeach Perfumes renamed itself, it was known as Twyla Perfumes and Apothecary, and I’m just so glad to have found this amazing indie perfumery that I dropped enough money on their products to make myself want to cry. Anyway, while I’m waiting for my gorgeous scents to reach me across the oceans, here’s a review of Rose Coloured Glasses, an old scent that has made its way into the new shop lineup.

Description: This one is definitely for you Rose-lovers out there. Four different roses are used in this beautiful aromatherapy perfume, as well as a gorgeous vanilla, a generous dose of calming sandalwood absolute and jasmine sambac, and finally a touch of a beautiful and uplifting fresh mint absolute I’ve just found (and now I refuse to use anything else). I absolutely love this one, and find it especially good to wear on those days when my spirits need a bit of a lift. And if you’re already feeling good, this will make you feel even better!

Honestly I’ve never been too fond of rose scents, but this one is beautiful. The scent unfolds slowly, emerging out almost layer by layer. This scent doesn’t morph on me at all, so right from the start, I get a lovely blend of light rose and vanilla. It’s very soft, almost musky and very feminine but not overly floral, while the sandalwood hangs back slightly in the background, almost unnoticeable. The mint is also very faint, as it fades away quickly after the initial opening. Sillage remains fairly low and close to the skin, which is such a pity because it’s definitely a great perfume to wear and smell. But it does linger around for at least 4 to 5 hours, so the longevity was pretty much standard fare for me and my scent-eating skin.


checking in

So to the handful of people reading my random posts, here I am again with a long list of things that happened over the course of August, since my last update was during the first week of the month, and August is drawing to a close already. Where has the time gone to? I blame it on work and also my own innate laziness plus some fantastic procrastination skills. But mostly work is to blame.

Anyway, longish post ahead, so skip it all if you’re the tl;dr people.

Momentum has some really gorgeous background images sometimes, since it’s all random, it’s really up to your luck.

Real Life
– One of my closest friends, Aishah, turned 23 a couple of weeks back, and she threw a party at Gallery Hotel for her friends and colleagues. We ended up helping her with the photo booth, and by ‘we’, I mean the other people in my clique because we all know how much I suck at making things, plus I was really quite overwhelmed by work… so I wasn’t really in a good mood most of the time to socialise and do productive things. But still, I did enjoy the party somewhat, though we mostly stuck to ourselves since we didn’t know the rest of the party-goers and it was a tad awkward for us even though we were in charge of the photo booth and the photography. Again, ‘we’ as in the clique, because I’m shit at taking photos too, just look at the pictures on the blog if you need visual aids. But seriously, this year marks an entire decade of friendship, and I’m glad we still find time to hang out and stuff, because so many people have drifted away from me already, mostly due to my own fault, but I’m really glad to have this bunch of crazy people to call friends. 

– Then National Day was spent over at Shaun’s house, a final gathering at his place since his family is planning to move. (Like just one street away.) Anyway, for the first time since I was a child, I caught the National Day Parade, though I escaped the tediousness of it by hanging around the food table and catching up with friends. Sorry, even though I know that the performers and the military people put in a lot of hard work into the parade, it was still extremely boring. I think I only enjoyed the fireworks bit, but then again I always like to see things bursting into flames.

– I also managed to squeeze in some time to have dinner with the current bunch of fellow temps. They’re really wacky people, though very different from each other. One’s really random, like she asks the weirdest questions, while the other is reliable and steady. The latter and I will normally end up looking at each other incredulously or facepalming at some of the more out-of-the-world questions the former would ask. It is great fun to hang out with them though. (I do somewhat miss the previous temps too, not the first batch, of course, but the ones who had came in slightly earlier this year.)

– We celebrated my brother’s birthday at Sakuraya Fish Mart, and okay, I love the food there. Japanese cuisine is my biggest food weakness, you can just bait me with sashimi and I’m probably going to listen to what you have to say. And the best thing about Sakuraya Fish Mart is that you get to choose exactly which slab of fish you’d like from the glass counter, and they’ll slice it for you on the spot, so it’s really fresh. Man, I want to come back here and just eat sashimi already, haha.

– The major lifesaver: the new temp has finally arrived~! So far, he has been really efficient and I’m glad I finally have someone to help with all the crap. I think I’d have been crushed under an avalanche of forms by now if there wasn’t another pair of hands to do the work.

Material Things

– Hello, manga haul from Book Depository~ It was quite a haul indeed, since it made quite the dent on my bank account. Look at the huge box it came in! Luckily shipping is always free, or this would not have been possible, haha.

All the manga~ probably not suitable for small kids and homophobic people or people with discerning taste D:

– Also, belated presents from awesome friends! :D Seriously, I love the fact that they got me frivolous things~ like a random key, but the tea set is brilliant, because I do have an unhealthy obsession with tea.

Look at all the flavours and the descriptions! And the fact that they’re named after alcohol~ XD

– Tarte Eyebrow Pencil is now holy grail status for me since I actually went to rebuy it after my current one ran out. But I’m still not very good at drawing my eyebrows without making them look messy and weird. Plus I got a birthday gift from Sephora, a mini stacker of different lip glosses, which reminds me of those stacking pencils people had during primary school.

Sugar and Spite Bathery has amazing products and Fall/Halloween is probably my favourite season. But first, look at the gorgeous packaging! It’s basically ready to be gifted to someone, but nope, of course I’m keeping it for myself, heh.

Other side of the box

What’s inside the box? More examples of gorgeous presentation

And even more perfume oils to add to the collection. (Don’t judge me, we have our own vices to bear). But anyway, I got the Halloween Sample set, plus a full sized perfume called Agatha, with notes of lilac, cream and mahogany.

Entertainment; TV/Movies

 – Got started on watching Mock the Week, it has been pretty funny so far. I like Dara O’Brien, he seems like a really jolly fellow~ and also because I’m running out of British panel shows soon. I just found myself rewatching random episodes of Never Mind the Buzzcocks, mainly because I kind of wanted to watch more Noel Fielding :D

– the anime Love Stage is adorable :D I don’t think I’ve read the original manga, despite having read other works by Eiki Eiki and Taishi Zao… But yeah, the whole show just looks so happy, from the bright colours to the cheerful opening.

 – Guardians of the Galaxy was a fun romp~ Marvel never fails to deliver, whether it’s slick action scenes, hilarious moments, snappy dialogue and cool poses. I think everyone left the cinema with a huge dose of affection for Groot and Rocket Raccoon. I like how Marvel isn’t afraid of making a fun movie where the two of the main characters are a walking tree and a talking raccoon, I mean, we know that the films are adapted from comic books, and things don’t always have to be all serious business or gritty, like DC tries to do, with the Dark Knight and the Man of Steel series. Just let things be ridiculous and fun, you know.

 – Last Week Tonight is on a hiatus… sadface, because where on earth would I get all my news stories from now, with a loose definition of the word ‘news’, according to John Oliver. But hey, why not watch him decimate ONE pinata? Why, you ask. Well, why not?

 – Imaginaerum came out in 2012, I am… a terrible Nightwish fan for only seeing it now, in 2014. *hangs head in shame* But really, this is quite a wonderful film, not because I’m biased, but the music is fantastic, the cinematography is really brilliant and I quite like the storyline, even though it may seem a little convoluted at times.

 – I also got around to watching the latest Rurouni Kenshin film, the second in the series, entitled Kyoto Inferno. It features Shishio! Which was a major protagonist in the series, if I recall correctly, since I read the manga when I was 13 and I never really understood the history mentioned in the story, mainly because it was huge chunks of text written in Chinese and I was a teenager who just wanted to see the action scenes and the funny bits. Yup, real mature of me there. I’m still the same brat unsurprisingly. It is such a pity that someone as good looking as Tatsuya Fujiwara has to keep his face hidden away in the bandages though ;_;

Entertainment; Music

 – one of my go-to songs when I need something to listen to at work is Pellek’s cover of La Leyenda del Hada y El Mago, which means The Legend of the Wizard and the Fairy in Spanish.

 – Also, I’ve started to like Deep Purple’s Perfect Strangers, mainly for the lyrics: And if you hear me talking on the wind / You’ve got to understand / We must remain / Perfect Strangers

 – Plus, having watched Imaginaerum, I am infatuated with the Nightwish album again. Annette’s voice wasn’t too bad in this one! The movie soundtrack is awesome too!

Entertainment; Books

– I do the Goodreads Reading Challenge every year (okay, since 2011), but this year has been a little hard for me to meet my target of 60 books, mainly because I’m no longer being forced to read literature texts for school and I end up reading random crap like fanfiction and manga… which doesn’t really help when it comes to tallying up the things you’ve read on the site. I’m trying to read more during my daily commute, even though I don’t really like bringing my books out of the house (afraid of denting pages/edges, lack of personal space to read, germs/fingerprints).

– Been reading quite a lot of graphic novels lately. I really enjoyed Rat Queens! It’s so spunky and cute at the same time, since the characters are such badass women! Mike Carey’s Suicide Risk was another title I will continue buying. And of course, the graphic novel version of Neil Gaiman’s Graveyard Book is a must-buy for me :D But really, despite being the different chapters being drawn by different artists, I thought everything flowed coherently and the art style remain quite consistent throughout. I was apprehensive of seeing jarring art styles all over the places. Also, Saga was quite an interesting read, though I’m not too in love with it… like the first volume was pretty good, but not there yet, though the art is gorgeous.

– I’ve only seen Charlie Brooker on The Big Fat Quiz of the Year where he teamed up with David Mitchell, yet another comedian I love. But individually, Charlie Brooker is hilarious, I’m glad I read The Hell of It All, because really, I can relate to so many things that he says!

yeah, you with that smug smarmy face.

to that one skiving co-worker: fuck you, seriously.

it doesn’t affect me personally, but it really pisses me off when you’re not pulling your own damn weight and you just take random medical leave even when you’re obviously not ill and dumping your own share of work onto other people who already have a ton of crap on their own plates. seriously, don’t be a dick, is it so hard to be considerate of other people instead of skiving off to hang out with your girlfriend or whatever else.

墜ちていくと わかっていた それでも 光を追い続けていくよ

I talked about this a couple of months back with my fellow temp, but it irks me whenever we brush aside people with actual mental health issues. We either brush them away with platitudes like ‘you’ll feel better soon’ or we force them to be cheerful and give useless advice. Or the worse method of ignoring their issues as though ignoring them would make the problems disappear. We squirm away from these problems – maybe we’re not confident addressing them or we have no knowledge what it’s like because we don’t suffer from them and we can’t relate to them or we don’t realise that by refusing to look at these issues directly, we’re hurting people.

A few years back, I recall seeing a particular PSA on depression, and it spoke vaguely about how it felt to have depression (aka always feeling blue) but I thought the most useful part was that it provided a hotline for people to seek help from, whether or not people actually called the helpline, is another issue. Idk, I thought it was important that at least there was some mention of mental health aid out there, because other than just running commercials on tv, there were random posters here and there too.

But I don’t see such advertisements around anymore, and there’s still the stigma of seeking psychological aid from qualified professionals as though people will start treating you like you’re some deranged person on the verge of doing something terrible. We still lump all the mental health issues into one category: crazy, basically. This social stigma hinders people from getting help because they’re afraid it would affect their career/family/lifestyle/etc and without proper medication or counselling, the issues just spiral on and on and eventually we’d all hit a breaking point, no?

victory is not the point

My thought process regarding GISHWHES is summed up nicely in Misha’s recruitment email,

While I have you, I might as well mention something that’s been nagging me: it dawned on me that you might be sitting there all warm and comfy in that safe little bubble called “ordinary life” debating whether you should join GISHWHES or not.

Perhaps there’s even a little angel on your shoulder whispering:

”Sweety, GISHWHES is scaaaary. It’s the unknown. We like the known. We like routine, and safety, and apple sauce. Besides you have so many responsibilities and obligations to attend to! Life is fine just the way it is…”

And then on your other shoulder, a little devil:

“BOOOORING! Screw normal! Do GISHWHES. Let’s get MESSY! I wanna dress up! I wanna yell in public! Your friends are lame! Let’s make new ones. International ones! Let’s mix things up a bit! Flick that whining angel off your shoulder and let’s register!”

Now, for career-preservation reasons, I normally side with the angels, but in this case, gotta admit, old Lucipher makes a strong point […] Why not join me and thousands of others as we turn the world upside down in the best possible way.

Despite my misgivings, I signed up for GISHWHES individually, and got randomly placed in a team with 14 other folks from different parts of the world.

There were 189 prompts, some of them were added last minute as a sort of bonus round, but they were mostly dependent on locations, so not everyone could earn those points unless they were living in those countries. Obviously, Singapore isn’t one of those locations.

But yeah, I ended up taking 4 prompts which were less crazy and thus less daunting:

[62] IMAGE. Office art. The boss is away. Take this treasured time to create a beautiful, museum-worthy sculpture in your cubical comprised entirely of company office supplies. If the artist in you feels it is imperative to use a coworker as a base or as an integral part of the piece of work, go ahead and indulge. The world deserves it.

this was haaaard to make, not because it’s a complicated thing, but because there are just so many people in the office walking around! in fact, during the making of the spokes, a co-worker came up and asked what on earth we were doing, and we had to make some flimsy excuse so we wouldn’t be chewed out for wasting time and misusing office supplies. I ended up distracting her with talk about work, haha. but yeah, this was supposed to be a tribute to the Bicycle Wheel by Dada artist, Marcel Duchamp, but uhh, it’s made of so much fail on so many levels *facepalm*

[138] VIDEO. It turns out that jellyfish will be big winners in global warming. Create a PSA to help the humans prepare for a future with jellyfish overlords.

originally, I had big plans – doing an animated video with hand drawn jellyfish characters and stick figures, buuuuut I’m a complete noob with doesn’t know how to use After Effects ;_; so I ended up making a bunch of images and turning it into a crappy slideshow video. also, I know, I know, my points are lame, but I was running out of time… *excuses excuses*

[152] VIDEO. Make a children’s Pop-Up book about the CROATOAN Virus ending the world.

ehhh, as usual, can’t draw shit, realised that I didn’t actually have a silver marker when I thought I did, but it was pretty fun overall, sitting at my table, rewatching random episodes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine while cutting things. aaand yes, the story is terrible ;_;

[167] IMAGE. If GISHWHES were a destination vacation, what would the brochure look like?

this took me way too long to make, mainly because I’m not used to the new Photoshop, since the last time I used it was so many years back. and I had to go download a bunch of random fonts as well as the adobe creative cloud thing, which took way too long to install actually.

On the whole, I found GISHWHES to be a good learning experience for me, even though I didn’t really do much, as compared to the some other people on my team. But for someone who’s always the passive type, waiting for others to drag her along onto adventures, this was an alright step ahead, I think. You know, trying to go for new things without having to be pushed, which was basically the norm for me when you have a parent who is more of a go-getter than you are.

I think it’s a move towards larger things for me, having the courage to go forth and do things even though I might be apprehensive of the tasks. For instance, I was basically pretty helpless at making the sculpture, and the old me wouldn’t have sought help from others, because I’d have found it too troublesome. And I’d hate to ask for help from people outside of my group of close friends. Yeah, I guess it’s also because I’m less self-conscious nowadays, I mean, I don’t really care if I seem lame or uncool to others as much as before, because who gives a shit about how they see me, right? You just have to live with yourself and how you see yourself is the most important thing for your ego.