Earl Grey Fragrances

I like earl grey tea, not very exciting or surprising, but I think it’s a perfectly lovely beverage to sip at any time of the day, since it’s not too strong and it has a nice subtle flavour thanks to the addition of bergamot orange oils. Of course, my little obsession with earl grey tea would translate nicely to my perfume preferences.

Here are three fragrances that I have, inspired by the tea:

Haus of Gloi (Reverie catalogue); Earl Grey
This is a limited edition product, and part of Haus of Gloi‘s Summer Reverie catalogue: Reverie products are creations that do not make it into my seasonal releases or general catalog. These fragrances and products will be sporadic, random, and depending on popularity, will either be cast into oblivion or made into a general catalog/limited edition. Each fragrance will come in a random medium (ie. soap, scrub, perfume) and made in limited batches.

Smells like what the label says, strong black tea sharpened by a burst of tart citrus note. For some reason I get the slightest hint of mint, which adds to the notion of freshness. It’s not overpowering nor cloying, so it can work as one of those lighter scents for summer. The dry down is more subdued, as the sharp bergamot fades away.

One Hand Washes the Other (OHWTO); Make It So
Make It So was created by Becca from OHWTO who based the scent on Star Trek’s Captain Picard: An olfactory ode to everyone’s-okay, maybe not everyone’s, stop yelling at me!- favorite Federation starship captain, it’s like tea in space. Earl Grey. Hot. Despite not having watched much of the original Star Trek (yeah, how dare I call myself a sci-fi fan, amirite?), I think Patrick Stewart is awesome, plus earl grey tea = sold.

This is much sweeter than Haus of Gloi’s Earl Grey, probably because instead of having just bergamot added in the tea scent, there is also mandarin and neroli, making the citrus note less tart but still very bright. There’s also a slight metallic tint to the overall scent, probably from the ozone note, which because space, I guess. Plus with the addition of musk, the overall fragrance is a slight tweak to the original earl grey scent, which I think is a good thing. Also, the musk and ozone get amped up after the dry down, so the scent of earl grey tea doesn’t come through so strongly after a while.

One Hand Washes the Other (OHWTO); Lady Grey
Also from OHWTO, Lady Grey seems to be a less citrus-y infused take on the earl grey tea. Instead it leans more feminine, with a touch of floral and vanilla over a moderately strong black tea base. If you don’t want to smell like you got bathed in tea but you still want to smell like it, then this would be a winning choice.

Unfortunately, all three scents are no longer available, so I guess I’m just gonna hoard them…


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