Problem Finder

Shirley: I have a gossip problem. I stir the pot, Jeff, I’m a pot stirrer. This isn’t even the only study group I’ve been in this year. You see those ladies over there. I used to be in their group until they kicked me out. They call me “tattle-Ina.” It’s a bumblebee nickname. It’s cute, but it stings.
(Community S01E04: Social Psychology)

Shirley freely admits that she’s a pot stirrer, someone who most likely has a gossiping problem and likes to create unnecessary drama within groups of people.

And then there’s another type of person, the trouble maker. In my screwed up mind, I somehow cast the titular character of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya in this role. Headstrong and eccentric, she causes a lot of trouble for the people around her when she drags them (unwillingly/without a choice) into her various shenanigans mostly because she’s bored and she wants to see supernatural things.

As the leader of the SOS Brigade, Haruhi shows a startling degree of self-centeredness, she is often seen bullying her members into agreeing with her many ridiculous ideas, especially Mikuru Asahina, whom she habitually forces to change into various cosplay outfits whenever she grows bored. For example, she blackmails the president of the Computer Club into giving the SOS Brigade a brand new state of the art computer by setting him up, taking a photograph of him supposedly sexually harassing the unaware Mikuru […] She has impossibly high standards, and won’t accept anything less than perfection from herself and her Brigade. She is quite complacent and has fairly unrealistic expectations of her Brigade members, especially Kyon, to get accomplish the tasks that she sets out for them, regardless of what they may be. This often leads to her appearing to be selfish and unfair.‘ (here)

In contrast to these two types… I see myself as a problem finder. You know, the typical person who will somehow or another find a problem in the given situation, just because. Even when there isn’t a problem to be found, I’ll just persist until I create a problem myself… just so I can feel like ‘there, I told you so’. Idk. It’s as though I like making trouble for myself when there isn’t a need to. There’s this phrase in Chinese that sums it up: 自讨苦吃. It basically just means asking for trouble.

There are just so many examples in my own life. Like even after knowing that I’ve made a mistake, I’d deliberately continue going with the flow instead of correcting myself simply because I don’t want to go to the lengths to correct it and embarrass myself. Or the usual, Product A works fine but somehow I’d switch to Product B because why not, and end up creating a whole host of problems when I could have just left it alone and everything would be fine…

Yup, problem finder, that’s me.


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