Pixxxie Pie and Posie; Fire, Walk With Me

I’m not fond of smoke in general – I detest the smoke from joss sticks that my mother burns at the family altar, I will smack someone who smokes in front of my face, and I generally avoid smoke from exhaust fumes etc. The smell is unpleasant and I do not understand why so many people would willingly waste money on things that smell bad and may cause harmful effects to their health, but I suppose we all need a vice and the economy needs people to consume more things, so yay, they’re boosting the economy, whatever. Let’s talk perfume.

Fire, Walk With Me is another beautiful creation from Pixxxie Pie and Posie. Described as ‘an uninhibited aroma full of seductive mystery & allure. Sensuous, deep, and woody, warm droplets of Madagascar Vanilla slide across smoky notes of Tobacco and Hazelnut. Exotic wood chords slowly evolve into Amber and resonate warmly across the skin as the aroma is worn throughout the day. Practically supernatural wonderstuff locked inside a wee amber bottle, this aroma is quite haunting in all the right ways. Beholden to an unsettling charm and sultry confidence seldom seen in this day and age, the bouquet here is keenly feminine, dangerously provocative & wonderfully complex.’

Right from the bottle, I get this amazing blend of sweet vanilla, smoke and herbal woods. But the sweetness doesn’t translate over when I apply it, instead it leans towards a stronger tobacco note and a slight hint of hazelnut. It also reminded me of those roasted chestnuts vendors you’d find in night markets or just tucked away in some corner in some neighbourhood estates. The tobacco note remains dominant throughout, though it eventually dries down to let the musk and amber notes rise to the occasion, turning the scent slightly sweeter. Despite my disdain for smoky scents, I love this for its warmth.

Although Fire, Walk With Me is labelled as a feminine scent, I think this works on both genders. In fact, due to the strong smoky and woody notes that I get, I’d think that this scent was more masculine. This scent doesn’t have much sillage, and if I really wanted to smell it, I would have to hold my wrist right up to my nose in order to detect the faint traces of it. Wearing time: about 4 hours, give and take.


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