Earl Grey Fragrances

I like earl grey tea, not very exciting or surprising, but I think it’s a perfectly lovely beverage to sip at any time of the day, since it’s not too strong and it has a nice subtle flavour thanks to the addition of bergamot orange oils. Of course, my little obsession with earl grey tea would translate nicely to my perfume preferences.

Here are three fragrances that I have, inspired by the tea:

Haus of Gloi (Reverie catalogue); Earl Grey
This is a limited edition product, and part of Haus of Gloi‘s Summer Reverie catalogue: Reverie products are creations that do not make it into my seasonal releases or general catalog. These fragrances and products will be sporadic, random, and depending on popularity, will either be cast into oblivion or made into a general catalog/limited edition. Each fragrance will come in a random medium (ie. soap, scrub, perfume) and made in limited batches.

Smells like what the label says, strong black tea sharpened by a burst of tart citrus note. For some reason I get the slightest hint of mint, which adds to the notion of freshness. It’s not overpowering nor cloying, so it can work as one of those lighter scents for summer. The dry down is more subdued, as the sharp bergamot fades away.

One Hand Washes the Other (OHWTO); Make It So
Make It So was created by Becca from OHWTO who based the scent on Star Trek’s Captain Picard: An olfactory ode to everyone’s-okay, maybe not everyone’s, stop yelling at me!- favorite Federation starship captain, it’s like tea in space. Earl Grey. Hot. Despite not having watched much of the original Star Trek (yeah, how dare I call myself a sci-fi fan, amirite?), I think Patrick Stewart is awesome, plus earl grey tea = sold.

This is much sweeter than Haus of Gloi’s Earl Grey, probably because instead of having just bergamot added in the tea scent, there is also mandarin and neroli, making the citrus note less tart but still very bright. There’s also a slight metallic tint to the overall scent, probably from the ozone note, which because space, I guess. Plus with the addition of musk, the overall fragrance is a slight tweak to the original earl grey scent, which I think is a good thing. Also, the musk and ozone get amped up after the dry down, so the scent of earl grey tea doesn’t come through so strongly after a while.

One Hand Washes the Other (OHWTO); Lady Grey
Also from OHWTO, Lady Grey seems to be a less citrus-y infused take on the earl grey tea. Instead it leans more feminine, with a touch of floral and vanilla over a moderately strong black tea base. If you don’t want to smell like you got bathed in tea but you still want to smell like it, then this would be a winning choice.

Unfortunately, all three scents are no longer available, so I guess I’m just gonna hoard them…


I think the Final Fantasy series have some of the best video game music out there, though I might be a tad biased because I grew up listening to their soundtracks.

I adore Final Fantasy VII, not only because of the characters, though damn Sephiroth was one badass motherfucker and Cloud was just a poster boy of emokid. Okay, he was also quite the sarcastic shithead sometimes.

They also have awesome music – there’s the epic and dramatic One Winged Angel, the beautiful Aerith’s theme that reminds me of her death (ooh look spoilers), and of course, the iconic main theme that all FF7 players would remember.

Sometimes I forget about the more lighthearted themes, but here’s an adorable rendition of the Chocobo theme, those cute fluffy creatures which Cloud’s hair seems to resemble :D

Things I Love Thursday

A short list this week, since I seem to have spent most of my time cooped up in the office, trying to finish up all the backlog of work and shaking my hands to relieve the cramping sensation of writing too much.

First on the list~ I got a new summer scent last weekend, because Sephora was having a 20% off sale and I did some maths and decided I could spend that amount without feeling like my wallet is going to murder me in my sleep.

Hermes’ Un Jardin Sur Le Nil, created in 2005, is part of Hermes’ Jardin collection, designed by perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena. It’s a light, almost effervescent scent, with bright notes like green mango and lotus, supported by a base of incense and musk. I think it’s perfect for those hot balmy days where you need something delicate to waft about you instead of acting like a second coat or something. Un Jardin Sur Le Nil is also one of those fragrances that works well on either gender.

International shipping and turnabout times mean that it can take quite a while for indie orders to reach me, but here are two tiny hauls that I made a couple of months back during sales.

Evonne from Darling Clandestine and Caitlin from Shiro Cosmetics both sent me a lot of candy~ Most of them made it okay, but a couple of them got a little squashed and anyway they’re off recuperating in the fridge.

I got myself a new bag because I needed something that could fit A4 files and papers without having to fold them and also because I needed to use my New Look vouchers before they expired, haha.

Cry did a playthrough of Corpse Party a long time back and I really enjoyed his version, but of course, Pewds is just as entertaining, though for different reasons. I watch Cry to be immersed in the gameplay, and Pewds for the lulz moments.

Also, the background music/main theme is actually pretty good.

One of my piano students wanted to learn the piano version of this song, and she brought in some sheet music for us to go through. I guess this is one of the newer anime out there, given that I never heard of it. No Game No Life is about a pair of hikikomori siblings who are obsessed with games (and they’re very good at it). They get transported by a God to a fantastical universe where everything is determined through games.

I doubt I’ll be catching this series, but I do think that the song is pretty catchy.

Things I Love Thursday

Any day that doesn’t expect me to wake up at the crack of dawn is a good day. And today is one of those rare unicorn days.

Taking paid leave is amazing and awesome and I wish I had more annual leave to take so I can properly have time off to laze around and do absolutely nothing. (I don’t even have real weekends anymore… since I have to get up early and do stuff. Urgh, I regret taking on the Saturday piano job even though I do like the money. But I think I’m at that age where I find myself liking sleep more =.=) But yeah, got to sleep in a little more than usual! <3

Went to catch two films on my off day~ And here are my thoughts on X-Men: Days of Future Past and Godzilla, written in my new Moleskine.

I will be very disappointed if no new Charles/Erik fic turns up. Also, Charles, why do you look like some washed out trippy/hippy musician?!

Godzilla… was meh, especially after all the hype. I mean, everyone in the movie was replaceable. From the humans to the monsters to even our titular character. Also, the soundtracks for both movies were a little lackluster… The only upside: student prices.

The Daily Lives of High School Boys is as its name suggests, a series depicting the everyday lives of a bunch of high school boys, and it is frigging hilarious. Seriously, I love such gag series, with their episodic nature and subversion of tropes. Nowadays I can’t find myself being all immersed in tv series with actual story lines that take themselves a little too seriously. In this series, the mangaka makes fun of all the characters, whether male or female, no one is spared the humiliation and embarrassment.

Also, Tomokazu Sugita has a fantastic voice and it’s actually pretty distinct. He voices the glasses wearing character. Bonus round, spot all the tropes in just the first scene!
(1) the cliched running late for school + toast hanging out of your mouth scene
(1.5) the emphasis on ‘normalcy’
(2) Yoshitake (blond guy) also running late, but eating curry rice instead of the typical toast
(2.5) Hidenori (glasses guy) commenting on the trope ->; lampshade hanging
(3) subversion of said trope since he’s eating noodles
(4) Hidenori being genre savvy ->; it’s a collaboration between Square Enix and Sunrise, so he expects that there would be robots and RPG elements
(5) Subversion of his genre savvy-ness because it’s a high school anime!
(6) Breaking of the fourth wall because they know they’re in an anime

Currently, I’m catching up with this j-drama, Ataru, where the main character Ataru, is a savant who is capable of great deduction and observations, though his human interactions are a little more on the eccentric side. I like this show mainly because the main character is so… flawed, in terms of his inability to communicate effectively with the others around him, but you know that he is capable of a great depth of emotions underneath the surface. And I like that the crimes that they solve are usually seen as accidents or suicide events, but because of their probing, the truth comes to light and the murderers do not get away scot-free. Also, I really enjoy the interactions between the characters. The two police officers seem to act as surrogate parents for Ataru, cleaning up after him, bringing him to the hospital, putting up with his various antics without feeling troubled.

Did I mention that I got my copies of Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi in the mail the other day? And did I also mention that I am so amazingly dumb that I bought the German edition? (Idk if there’s an English one out then) Yeeeah. At least I know some German, and I’m just lucky that it’s not in French or Spanish or something.

I think I understand like 30% of the blurb… and this is mostly because I’ve read English scanlations plus watched the anime a while ago.

My other Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi book is in Japanese… I got it when I was in Hokkaido. (I was really tempted to buy all the BL manga… but I guess I had some shame left in me.

And that’s all she wrote, folks.

Problem Finder

Shirley: I have a gossip problem. I stir the pot, Jeff, I’m a pot stirrer. This isn’t even the only study group I’ve been in this year. You see those ladies over there. I used to be in their group until they kicked me out. They call me “tattle-Ina.” It’s a bumblebee nickname. It’s cute, but it stings.
(Community S01E04: Social Psychology)

Shirley freely admits that she’s a pot stirrer, someone who most likely has a gossiping problem and likes to create unnecessary drama within groups of people.

And then there’s another type of person, the trouble maker. In my screwed up mind, I somehow cast the titular character of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya in this role. Headstrong and eccentric, she causes a lot of trouble for the people around her when she drags them (unwillingly/without a choice) into her various shenanigans mostly because she’s bored and she wants to see supernatural things.

As the leader of the SOS Brigade, Haruhi shows a startling degree of self-centeredness, she is often seen bullying her members into agreeing with her many ridiculous ideas, especially Mikuru Asahina, whom she habitually forces to change into various cosplay outfits whenever she grows bored. For example, she blackmails the president of the Computer Club into giving the SOS Brigade a brand new state of the art computer by setting him up, taking a photograph of him supposedly sexually harassing the unaware Mikuru […] She has impossibly high standards, and won’t accept anything less than perfection from herself and her Brigade. She is quite complacent and has fairly unrealistic expectations of her Brigade members, especially Kyon, to get accomplish the tasks that she sets out for them, regardless of what they may be. This often leads to her appearing to be selfish and unfair.‘ (here)

In contrast to these two types… I see myself as a problem finder. You know, the typical person who will somehow or another find a problem in the given situation, just because. Even when there isn’t a problem to be found, I’ll just persist until I create a problem myself… just so I can feel like ‘there, I told you so’. Idk. It’s as though I like making trouble for myself when there isn’t a need to. There’s this phrase in Chinese that sums it up: 自讨苦吃. It basically just means asking for trouble.

There are just so many examples in my own life. Like even after knowing that I’ve made a mistake, I’d deliberately continue going with the flow instead of correcting myself simply because I don’t want to go to the lengths to correct it and embarrass myself. Or the usual, Product A works fine but somehow I’d switch to Product B because why not, and end up creating a whole host of problems when I could have just left it alone and everything would be fine…

Yup, problem finder, that’s me.

wait, you were saying…?!

I’m not good at things that require a great deal of concentration, mainly because I think I’ve developed a short attention span…

I sometimes feel like Jack who goes around everywhere poking at things and generally losing interest in them after finding something shinier.

I find myself opening countless of tabs, reading through a couple of sentences here and there, skimming through an entire article or story if it’s particularly gripping, but never focusing entirely on the various details. My attention span is probably as short as a gnat. On the other hand, I had amazing focus as a kid, and background events hardly ever fazed me whenever I was doing anything.

Kid!Me had no problems with focusing on tasks, I still remember how I used to do my homework: I’d be seated at the dining table (round wooden table, pine coloured, with a layer of glass to protect the surface), with my various homework and stationery. My mother would usually be in the kitchen, preparing dinner as the radio played in the background. And like clockwork, at around 5:30 pm, my best friend of that time would ring me and she’d end up talking my ear off while I completed my homework. Multi-tasking at its finest, I guess. I mean, I did pay attention to whatever she said, normally she’d read me excerpts from the books she was currently reading or talk to me about the stuff going on at home. I didn’t really have to respond much, except to make noises of assent or ask random questions about the stories she was telling. And of course, the homework was easily completed because I was actually a pretty studious kid when I was in lower primary. Obviously, my mother didn’t like the way I did my work, because she thinks I wouldn’t be paying enough attention to my work. But Kid!Me was capable of focus that my current self lacks. I don’t really know why… but I really do think that the short attention span is going to do me more harm than good, especially when I grow older and have more responsibilities at work and stuff.

Pixxxie Pie and Posie; Fire, Walk With Me

I’m not fond of smoke in general – I detest the smoke from joss sticks that my mother burns at the family altar, I will smack someone who smokes in front of my face, and I generally avoid smoke from exhaust fumes etc. The smell is unpleasant and I do not understand why so many people would willingly waste money on things that smell bad and may cause harmful effects to their health, but I suppose we all need a vice and the economy needs people to consume more things, so yay, they’re boosting the economy, whatever. Let’s talk perfume.

Fire, Walk With Me is another beautiful creation from Pixxxie Pie and Posie. Described as ‘an uninhibited aroma full of seductive mystery & allure. Sensuous, deep, and woody, warm droplets of Madagascar Vanilla slide across smoky notes of Tobacco and Hazelnut. Exotic wood chords slowly evolve into Amber and resonate warmly across the skin as the aroma is worn throughout the day. Practically supernatural wonderstuff locked inside a wee amber bottle, this aroma is quite haunting in all the right ways. Beholden to an unsettling charm and sultry confidence seldom seen in this day and age, the bouquet here is keenly feminine, dangerously provocative & wonderfully complex.’

Right from the bottle, I get this amazing blend of sweet vanilla, smoke and herbal woods. But the sweetness doesn’t translate over when I apply it, instead it leans towards a stronger tobacco note and a slight hint of hazelnut. It also reminded me of those roasted chestnuts vendors you’d find in night markets or just tucked away in some corner in some neighbourhood estates. The tobacco note remains dominant throughout, though it eventually dries down to let the musk and amber notes rise to the occasion, turning the scent slightly sweeter. Despite my disdain for smoky scents, I love this for its warmth.

Although Fire, Walk With Me is labelled as a feminine scent, I think this works on both genders. In fact, due to the strong smoky and woody notes that I get, I’d think that this scent was more masculine. This scent doesn’t have much sillage, and if I really wanted to smell it, I would have to hold my wrist right up to my nose in order to detect the faint traces of it. Wearing time: about 4 hours, give and take.