君の せいだよ 胸が痛むのは

So I heard that the J-rock band, Alice Nine, might be coming down in June to hold a gig and can I just exclaim how excited I am to hear this because we definitely need more J-rock acts to come in and perform. And well, Alice Nine was one of those defining bands for me, since they sprung up in the 2000s, when I was a teenager and new to the music scene. Fantasy is one of their older stuff, but it holds a lot of memories, like sitting in class and doodling shit, listening to my friend and fellow seatmate angst over boys and her many crushes, irking my English teacher by being a sarcastic shithead. Man, I do miss those halcyon days.


Things I Love Thursday

Sit tight for a frigging long list of things, because I’m basically compiling two weeks into one post. Yup, laziness and procrastination strike again, and also my wifi connection has been super wonky, if you don’t already see me whining about it on twitter.

Kim and I went down to the Esplanade to watch South Korean soprano Sumi Jo perform with the SSO, and despite the crappy seats we had (because I booked them a tad too late), Sumi Jo was as radiant and captivating as the last time I saw her performing live. She’s 51, but you simply cannot tell from the way she carries herself, and her voice was exquisite, in terms of vocal range, tonality and the sheer control she has. Seriously, I wished we sat in the foyer stalls where we’d be right smack in the reach of her voice. Not only was her voice amazing, she also has the showmanship to entertain the audience, and quite a sense of humour as well. Of course, one has to mention that watching Sumi Jo is not merely an auditory experience, but also a visual feast, considering that she changes outfits at least four times.

Yet another holy grail item that I managed to pick up last week. I’ve been using this since I first got my hands on one of them when I was in the UK, and this is the only thing I’d consistently repurchase from Lush, hence holy grail status. The Lush at Wisma had ran out, and the sales assistant said that they’d only be getting more stock by the end of the month, but I couldn’t wait, so I plopped myself down to the other outlet and lo and behold, a whole row of Eau Roma toners was waiting for me :D

I had two half days last week, and oh my god, do you realise how awesome it is to wave goodbye to the other people in the office in the middle of the day, and you heft your bag and strut out of the office and do your own thing? Because if you don’t, you’d find out sooner or later when you’ve sold your soul to The Man because you want to buy everything that catches your fancy.

And what did I do with these two half days? Mostly hung out with friends… and tried out new places with some form of social lubricant.

Kim took me to Loof, after the Sumi Jo concert, where it’s actually pretty cool. I like the atmosphere, up high and relaxed :D

Aishah brought Chin Ming and me to Alley Bar, where it was more crowded and much noisier, but still, they had happy hour drinks, and I liked sitting at the bar area where it was easy to flag down the bartender to get some service.

Kim and I also went to a flea market during the last weekend over at the National Library. I was pretty tempted to get some things but i couldn’t exactly justify purchasing anything to myself… But I really liked the concept of 1000tentacles, and perhaps the next time I see them, I’ll actually buy their book. It was 40 bucks… and I didn’t have enough to spare.

Frank Sinatra was one of them cool dudes I wouldn’t have minded hanging out with. Also, his jazzy music was super smooth, in the way whiskey on the rocks flowing down your throat like silk. I saw this quote the other day, and I couldn’t resist saving it:

If you don’t know the guy on the other side of the world, love him anyway because he’s just like you. He has the same dreams, the same hopes and fears. It’s one world, pal. We’re all neighbors.

And now, here’s two tiny manga hauls:

Even though Lovisa is pretty much overpriced, I couldn’t resist picking up some earrings… I may perhaps have a slight problem ;_; someone, save me from myself. I won’t thank you though…

Aaand the Darling Clandestine haul has finally arrived. Do you know how much I detest USPS sometimes? The original package was most likely lost somewhere because I waited for over a month and it didn’t turn up, and I had to contact Evonne who was super nice and replaced my entire order in the end. She even upgraded one of my smaller bottles into a full bottle because she didn’t have any of the smaller bottles left. Her customer service is impeccable, and I feel like shit whenever I have to tell sellers that I didn’t receive the packages. Like, it’s not our fault, just the crappy middlemen, known as the post.

Conversely, Royal Mail is still the best. My teas are from Beastly Beverages, and they have quite a wide range of teas to choose from, and the fun part? They’re all based on various fandoms. I was an indecisive cheapskate, so I went for a Lucky Pack, where I got 4 random teas at a discounted price.

I’ve only managed to try three of them so far, and they’re really interesting… The Dean Winchester inspired one, Something Broken in You, is delicious, whereas the Lucifer inspired one was definitely not my cup of tea (hahaha, I’m so funny, right). It has chilli powder for some reason, and it definitely tasted weird to me. The other one, We Run the Show Now, is pretty normal, since it’s a mixture of assam, oolong, keemun and lapsang souchong.

Lastly, this is the concert I’m most excited about:

The Cat Empire! Isn’t the band name adorable already? :D But seriously, I really like their sound; it’s like a mix of jazz with ska and pop-rock? Idk, but I love how the Mosaic festival flyer described them:

… the Cat Empire have carved themselves a unique place in the itnernational music scene – a band with no guitars, no easily definable style, and no corresponding haircuts. they are merely a band that can step onto any stage in the world and make the crowd move… This is beautiful chaos brought upon by the magic of the beat… Dancing shoes essential.

The Cat Empire was an unexpected discovery for me, considering that I only picked up the flyer on a whim, remembered to check out their music on YouTube while procrastinating at the office… and also the band resonated with me, through their sound, their lyrics and their philosophy, in a sense.

Hockey Picspam; I ain’t sorry at all

[all images taken from tumblr through the hockey tag]

So… a tiny confession (not that anyone really cares because it’s not a big deal): I haven’t been catching up much with hockey. Like, other than the twitter accounts I follow, like the official Pittsburgh Penguins and Chicago Blackhawks accounts, I haven’t watched any recent matches at all. Hell, I wasn’t even really excited about the whole Sochi 2014 thing, until Sunday, which was Sweden vs Canada, going for the Olympics gold.

Honestly, I wasn’t really worried much there either. I mean, I knew Canada would definitely be within the top three ranks, because hello, Canada practically breathes hockey to me. And I’m hardly wrong about it.


(this is in a church, if you didn’t realise. it’s like screw real religion, we’ve got hockey, lol.)

(and this reminds me of the times when I’d sit in lectures watching hockey livestreams on my laptop.)

I remember feeling so frustrated that I was going to cry when I couldn’t find a decent livestream of the final hockey match, until the BBC one started to work for me, even though it felt as weird to listen to the British commentators. And they had some pretty weird commentary, to be honest, not exactly what I’m used to. Also, I’m sad that I can’t find torrents of the previous Sochi matches in English because I kind of want to watch the other ones now that my interest is all fueled up again.

So, am I glad that Canada won? Hell yeah, I mean, I’m super biased but Toews. And Sharpy, and Duncan Keith and Crosby. Although… Kaner’s saaaaaad face made me want to cry for him. And hug him. And maybe shower him with puppies. (That’s currently the biggest declaration of love I’ve ever given a single human being in my life, okay.)

Like, seriously, Kaner ;_; also, a giant effing fuck you to those who are pushing the blame on Patrick for not being better, because it’s a team game, and since when is he supposed to carry the team through? Huh? I have feelings, okay.

I just want him to be all smiley here again, and being endearingly annoying, because that’s how he’s supposed to be.

But I’m glad he has awesome teammates.

Towes and Kaner: brotp for life :D

But still, Toews’ face is epicly ridiculous and okay, I actually like him a fair bit and he’s just brilliant. Much better than Crosby, in my opinion. Blackhawks ftw.

Toews vs Crosby; both equally gigantic Canadian hockey robots.

And well, I guess the last thing on my mind: Stay Classy, America.

(soooo, I proved that I love hockey… will Canada now adopt me? So I can go over there and freeze myself to death and try to skate and fall down and break my butt? Pretty please?)

Self-Inflicted Work Woes

Sometimes I don’t make very good decisions, in this case, I just decided to extend my 3 month contract with another 3 months. Mainly because the work there is pretty slack, and I know that the fellow temps are not going to be staying beyond their original contracts, and also no other job offer has swung my way yet. It’s really quite frustrating to scour websites, looking for employment and being daunted by things like experience and shit. I mean, sure, I still try my luck by shooting them my resume, but I think 99% of the time, the people at HR would probably take a glance, note the lack of experience and then move on immediately.

I guess this extension would mean some sort of financial security because everyone knows I need the cash, what with my atrocious spending habits and the slight online shopping problem that I have… I am also incapable to entering a bookstore without adding 10 million things onto my wishlist.

The plus side of this extension would be the benefits I’m entitled to, like annual leave and medical coverage.

One of Those Days

I think there are some times when you know you’re defeated, and you know that you’re not the main character of a shounen manga, and that persistence does not equal to success, and it is easier to loosen your grip and just fall into the abyss. Miracles do happen, just… perhaps not with you, you know.

If our hearts are not merely flesh and blood, then let mine be wrought in iron and steel and tempered with the strongest fires.

Wiggle Perfume and Sundries; 101

I know it’s technically spring, but since when has seasons affected us here? The days are getting warmer and warmer, and chances of rain aren’t appearing frequently on the horizon. So, to me, that’s summer. And so, I start whipping out my summer-ish scents.

Wiggle Perfume, available on Etsy, has this retro, vintage charm to it. It’s highly feminine, and reminds me of the 1920s/burlesque.

A word about the wiggle: The wiggle is about pushing back against the notion that all our parts are meant to be hard and flat and angular. It’s about realizing how much power there is to be found in the curvy jiggly bits. It’s about spending less time in the gym and more time in the bedroom. It’s about relaxing and letting the good outweigh the bad. Rock what ya got! (It is not, however, about using those bits to get out of speeding tickets. At least not too often, let’s don’t ruin it for the rest of the girls, eh?)

Mae West knew about the wiggle, Marilyn understood…a little wiggle makes the world go ’round.

Notes: This fragrance is a super-fresh, feminine blend of pink grapefruit, peony, cherry blossom, tuberose, and a hint of mint. It’s all cool Pacific breezes and fresh pink florals.

It opens with a strong blast of citrus, the tartness softened slightly by a tiny hint of sweetness slipping through the veil of grapefruit. Slightly after, it tones down somewhat, to a floral bouquet, sweet and bright. The drydown remains the same throughout, and the sillage remains pretty decent all the way till it fades after a solid 5 hours or so.

This is pretty much my go-to summer scent, since I’m not a fan of summer days, I don’t really have a range suitable for the season. I’m not much for matching my perfumes to the seasons either, I like my scent to reflect my emotional landscape instead.

I also like the fact that it comes with a rollerball, which makes it much easier to apply, unlike the other bottles that I have with dripper caps. Those are harder to control, sometimes the perfume just doesn’t come out.

Everything is Awesome if You’re Made of Bricks.

So I went to catch The Lego Movie, so aptly named, I know right? It was a really fun romp, especially when you go in blind and you don’t really know what to expect just after checking out the trailer twice. Bonus points if you love random references and you have a wacky sense of humor. It’s like the Cornetto Trilogy, in which the writers are lampshade hanging all of the tropes that they can :D Also, some pretty big names doing the voice acting in there. (I don’t actually know why I was surprised that Morgan Freeman was in it too, because he’s savvy and cool.) A tad on the cliched side, especially at the ending, but still, forgivable.

Things I Love Thursday

What, it’s Thursday already? *scrambles madly for my list of things*

So remember last week’s TiLT post where I gushed over Sumi Jo? Well, I stumbled upon this song the other day, Hijo de la Luna. Originally sung by Spanish band Mecano, Sumi Jo did a cover of it back in 2011 and it is beautiful. (Sarah Brightman also did a lovely cover, and of course, the original is really haunting too.)

And of course, I must say that 8tracks has been exceptionally useful to me, especially at work, because I can simply go through various mixes while I’m doing random routine shit without having to constantly switch songs on Youtube/think about what to listen to next. It’s really minor, but I love how everything is neatly tagged and sorted, so I can easily find mixes that fit my tastes and moods of the day. I usually start off with something cheery or quiet, depending on my attitude towards the amount of work I have.

Since I had a rather long weekend, I went shopping after visiting the relatives living over in the East (which is frigging far for me to travel if I’m not close to you, alright?). And I guess I have to concede that dresses are not that terrible to wear. For once, I see their value as a tactical garment, or so Archer would say, except I can’t come up with something as brilliant as tactle-neck. But seriously, most of the dresses I have do not require any ironing, which is a giant plus. And they are so much easier to just slip on and go when you’re running late for work, and you don’t have to worry about matching your shirts and tops, plus lesser things to wash. (Let’s not talk about how much I spent though… ;_;)

Also, I did some gift shopping the other day, because my niece turned 2 yesterday, which is great! One step closer to the age where she can comprehend language and understand right and wrong, and perhaps one will be able to appeal to her sense of logic and reason. Of course, whenever I’m doing any form of shopping for small kids, the first place I’d look would be the Better Toy Store over at Takashimaya. Perhaps it was because I went during a slow night, but the store attendant was a great help, and she was extremely patient and nice, which made my shopping experience a really enjoyable one :D Good service should always be noted and applauded, I think.

And since we’re on the subject of children’s toys, here’s the newest Kickstarter campaign that I’m backing: Littlest Lovecraft: The Dunwich Horror~

I had backed Tro and Eyo in their first Kickstarter, which was Littlest Lovecraft: The Call of Cthulhu, and I loved their dedication and energy, so yeah, of course I had to get my hands on the next volume! I know it’s targeted at kids, but I don’t think my niece is ready for any Lovecraft yet. Plus, I don’t really know how her parents would react to me corrupting their kid’s mind.

The amazing internet also gave me an Eddie Izzard Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) :D I still haven’t even recovered from the last awesomesauce AMA featuring Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer.

Lastly, I finally got around to hearing this! (The previous videos I tried to watch were taken down by Youtube, probably because they weren’t the official music video put up by the record label)

Tuomas is amazing and all the music he writes just takes my breath away. Plus he looks like a Jack Sparrow doppelganger XD Some people may complain that it’s not bombastic like Nightwish, but I think it’s even lovelier like that, because it shows Tuomas’ range as an artist.