OHWTO; Children Shouldn’t Play with Dead Things

OHWTO is the acronym for One Hand Washes the Other, an indie company owned by Becca, who not only offers perfumes, but also bath and body products, like lip balms and soaps. She’s also very famous in the indie scene for her Black Magic Soap, which sells out really quickly. I’ve tried it before, and it works pretty well with my oily-combination skin.

Anyway, today’s SOTD is from her Halloween 2011 collection, and has been discontinued. She still has some bottles left apparently, since it’s still stocked in her etsy store until they run out.

I got a solid sample of it the previous time I made an order, and I’ve been wanting to get a full size of it in perfume oil ever since. I managed to make a purchase during her Black Friday sale, with a 30% discount code :D Her turnabout time may be pretty long, but I didn’t mind waiting. I like the notion of buying something, forgetting that you even made an order and then having a lovely surprise weeks later when you open your mailbox.

Children Shouldn’t Play with Dead Things was inspired by this creepy video apparently:

I actually didn’t think it was that bad, I mean, she’s a little kid, who doesn’t understand that touching dead things = loads of germs and she may be inadvertently getting some disease from the dead squirrel, but I hope her parents are going to wash her thoroughly and make sure her vaccines are working or something. It’s not as though she killed the squirrel herself/it was bloody. I bet to her, it was like a pet or something out of a Disney movie… the Disney princesses always have some small woodland creature hanging out with them.

Right, back to the point. The perfume, not commenting on people’s parenting.

Notes taken from Etsy: acorns, oak, vanilla, apples, roasted spiced pumpkin, a bit of musk and a mound of freshly-dug dirt.

From the bottle, I get a strong dose of vanilla and pumpkin. It’s opens up like that on my skin too, it smells really sweet, like some innocent girly scent. Slowly, as the vanilla warms up, there’s a hint of crisp apples, slightly tempered by a tiny tinge of sourness, and perhaps some spiciness over the sweetness. It’s a really warm scent, probably from the musk or dirt, which I can’t really identify.

It has fairly decent sillage and lasts up to 4 hours for me without any fading in the scent, which is really awesome because I’m lazy when it comes to reapplying things like perfumes and cosmetics. I really just want everything to stay in place for the entirety of like 8 hours. Which is one reason why lipstick is so annoying to me.


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