Darling Clandestine; Circassian

Can I just say that I am anticipating the heck out of my latest Darling Clandestine haul? Evonne was having a little sale at the beginning of December and I thought, why not, eh, even though Black Friday already drained my wallet considerably.

The chosen scent today is Circassian, which I bought a bottle of, after having tried a sample the last time round.

a warm chocolaty fragrance with intriguing notes of amber and blossoms.

From the given description: Odd and wondrous, these trinkets the suitors bring—astonishing flowers that look like paper birds, jasmine tea and black coffee, a costly box of chocolates with a red silk ribbon. You once saw a tiger in Bangkok, a riot in Paris, a machine at Coney Island that they said could really fly. The exotic butters in your fantastic hair, the livelihood you’ve adopted and the orchards you left behind. Your love is not a curiosity—it’s a marvel. Make them earn it.

I have to admit that I have no idea where the name Circassian came from, is it from a book/tv show/character somewhere/a proper word with a proper definition, I am completely unaware.

This is a decadent scent, the darkest chocolate intertwined with the sharpness of coffee, smelling absolutely delectable, like that perfect drink warming your insides during the heart of winter where cold freezing winds batter at your windows while you’re curled up with a warm mix of cocoa and coffee and a shot of brandy or something.

After the initial coffee and chocolate overdose, it simmers down to a more subtle floral mix, though the coffee note remains prominent. I’m not that fond of this part, because I found the drydown to be a little plasticky on me, but seriously, for that wondrous opening scent, I am perfectly willing to put up with it.

Circassian lingers close to the skin, and other than the slight throw of scent after the first application, it remains subtle but still very warm and rich, though you will have to be fairly near to smell it. Like most indie perfumes, this one lasts up to 4 hours at most, before it fades almost to nothingness.


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