Solstice Scents; Cenobite

A Deep & Rich Vanilla for Vanilla Lovers

Description from the website: A deep vanilla bean which has a slight boozy liqueur note on application mixed with a pile of fresh vanilla beans and a sultry, smooth, rich and creamy French vanilla. Lovely for layering. This is not a sweet frosting/sugary/buttery vanilla, it is a sophisticated, pure and deeper vanilla bean scent.

Call me a vanilla person, I won’t even be offended. I like the flavour and the scent, and I definitely like it as a note in my perfumes, and there is physical evidence as well: I have nearly 50 perfumes containing vanilla as a main note. Does that make me a boring conventional person? Maybe, but perhaps rather than the one-dimensional foodie and plain note that we seem to think vanilla is, the sort of vanilla that I go for tends to be blended with a strong boozy note, which makes it less sweet and ‘safe’, but rather more grown-up.

Remember the other time where I talked about a vanilla perfume? It was Poison Apple Apothecary’s Lady Victoria which had jasmine blended with vanilla with a hint of musk. That was an elegant lady-like perfume. Now compare that with Solstice Scents’ Cenobite, big realm of difference, this one may be comforting and warm, but it leans more towards going out to town with a boy you hope will sit close enough to smell this on you, rather than prim and proper-ness.

The scent remains stable throughout, in the sense that it opens as a gourmand vanilla with a shot of liqueur and it doesn’t morph beyond that. It remains creamy and sweet, but not overwhelmingly so.

The best thing about this is definitely the longevity. It may not have an amazing sillage, though honestly, it’s fairly decent, as compared to other scents, but it lasts freaking forever. As far, it has been 8 hours and counting, I can tell you, and do you know how awesome that is?

So yeah, I need to get a full-sized bottle sooner or later. Though for now, my little vial of sample will be sufficient, since I have so many other things to work through.


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