Twyla Perfumes and Apothecary; Lirrit

Today’s scent is brought to you by the random number generator, and it’s by one of my favourite indie perfumer.

Lirrit: Innocent, feminine, this perfume captures the little girl in us all – a bit sweet, with a little bit of a mischievous kick – Lirrit comes on sweet and floral-fruity with a lovely Bourbon vanilla base – precious gardenia and spicy carnation make the perfect floral top-note, supported by the grounding jasmine. Mixed berries add a juicy-sweet opening while the ginger is muted but adds a bit of zing, along with the gently spicy pink pepper and pine adding a bit of freshness and spice. Incredibly complex. Beautiful!

It’s a little overwhelming how strong this is on me. Lirrit opens with a bang, in that sort of sweet sweet sweet manner, it’s not exactly floral-fruity, but more of the candy variety.

I think because there’s just so much going on, I can’t really pick out each individual note in this perfume. My untrained nose is like going, ‘woah, too many things’, so it blanks out and just goes, ‘yup, sweet, almost cough syrup-ish’. But I think I can catch a whiff of carnation, and the berries, of course, not so much on the jasmine or pink pepper, which I never really understood, like whaaaaat is pink pepper? And what kind of pepper are we talking about here? You know, pepper as in the salt-and-pepper kind or pepper as in capsicum, or something totally different?

Longevity is fairly decent, like with all my other Twyla scents, I can still detect it after a good 3 – 4 hours.


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