so sometimes I am an angry emokid

some of you might say that I have a victim mentality, and I should be grateful with what I have, but so be it, I can’t help feeling the way I do about things, and if you can’t stand it, then fuck off.

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Haus of Gloi; Pumpkin Queen

Autumn is here~ (not that it matters here in Singapore where the sunshine is eternal. Oh, tropical climates and its lack of seasonal variety, how I loathe you… *sigh*) So here’s an autumnal scent, from Haus of Gloi, a lovely indie store located in the US.

Pumpkin Queen’s notes include: Gentle hay pillows, pumpkin, ripe peaches dusted with clove and nutmeg, dried summer herbs, and lastly, a lovely crown of amber.

Freshly applied, the cloves and nutmeg take centre stage, making it a very warm and spicy scent. There’s also a hint of smoke to the scent, before the peaches come through, gently and faintly, turning the scent into something sweet and soft. I like the earthy quality to the scent; it really brings to mind the idea of autumn, where leaves are falling and the weather is turning colder, whereas the scent is warm and inviting. I’m not too sure how the hay is portrayed across, considering I have never had the opportunity to see and smell hay in person. City-dweller, born and bred, you know. This scent also lasts amazingly long, 6 hours and counting, though sillage is fairly low after the initial application.

Haus of Gloi has other very lovely products in their autumn collection, which will last until October. Their pumpkin butter products are also amazing and super moisturizing. And personally, I cannot wait for their winter products :D Seriously, I love winter, despite never experiencing it for myself.


Main reason why I replay Dragon Age over and over again. I mean, I always end up being pro-mage, and romancing the shit out of Fenris, even when I tell myself to stop doing that. *blush* Then I hear his voice (voice actor: Gideon Emery) aaaand all intentions fly out of the window. Yup, I have a voice kink, which is actually so very evident, considering how often I gush over Cry’s voice. And British accents. Also, why I’ve been watching Helloween4545’s LPs :D

Things I Love Thursday

I’m feeling a gallimaufry of shifting emotions – there’s the apprehension simmering slowly in the depths of my mind as my tuition kid takes his PSLE English paper, and it’s tinged with sentimentality because I’ll no longer see him since I’m gearing up to get a proper job. There’s also a lingering sadness within me, it’s inexplicable and indescribable, buried and shoved deep deep down, as I hope it would be forgotten after enough time has passed. I’m also feeling slightly surreal and dreamy, almost as though I’m stoned, not that I’ve had the chance to try smoking pot (yet).

The rain is a welcome relief after the few days of bright sunlight and extreme heat. I’m an aspiring vampire, but more towards avoiding sunlight and less of the drinking blood variety. Rainy days are wonderful, walking in the rain and feeling tiny droplets on your face.

I have a new wallet :D I’m actually quite fond of River Island, in fact my previous two wallets have been from RI, and I’m saaaad that there aren’t any outlets here anymore. Damn you, H&M, for taking over that little space in Ion. So yeah, I had to get this from ASOS, which didn’t take too long to get here, 15 days, in fact.

I have recently began to read Chew, a hilarious and wonderfully presented title from Image Comics. Set in a world where all chicken are banned due to an overwhelming outbreak of avian flu, Chew follows vice cop Tony Chu who has a special gift. He gets psychic impressions from the things he eats. For instance, by eating an apple, he might be able to tell where it was harvested, and whom by, etc. His gift puts him in the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) department where he unfortunately has to nibble on some really gruesome (dead dog/corpses) things to get the case solved. The humour is lightly interspersed and quirky, and things are moving along at a pretty quick pace. I like the art style as well, it’s kinda cute, in fact.

I’m head over heels for Welcome to Night Vale, and I’m ready to cast a circle with a ring of bloodstone and beg to be transported to the dangerous desert community. Firstly, it’s like Twilight Zone out there in Night Vale, where things are odd and hard to explain, and there’s a lovely voice soothing away the frightening aspects and leaving you in that existentialist mood. Like the dog parks where neither dogs nor people are allowed inside, and hooded figures roam the streets, but do not stare at them if you want to continue living.

Along with my fluctuating random moods, I have sunk into full-blown nostalgia, it appears, and here is one of my favourite songs from that time. I present to you, Taiwanese band, Sodagreen’s 小情歌. I love the lead singer’s (青峰) voice, it’s gentle and reassuring, and his lyrics are beautiful in that simplistic manner. It’s deceptively simple, in terms of the imagery used, but oh so effective.

in which there is a dental appointment and chicken talk

(I must apologize for the pretentiousness of today’s post, I am merely quite influenced by the welcome to night vale podcasts at the moment and am attempting to mimic their style.)

the stars are angry tonight. beware shooting stars, and welcome to the inner workings of my mind.

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Hello gentle readers, let us start off with a general update. I have been to visit the dentist in the morning, and my, was it an ominous morning. Huge sheets of rain pouring down from the skies, a physical reminder that dentists have more powers and are more dangerous than you’d expect from a man wielding deadly instruments and poking around your mouth. Have you ever wonder what lurks beneath that surgical mask every dentist wears? Is he hiding a row of shark teeth, forever replicating and razor-sharp?

But it pleases me to announce that my teeth are in good condition, which I must attribute to the fact that I have never been visited by the Tooth Fairy. Dear readers, these nasty creatures come in the dead of night, sneaking in the rooms of little children and viciously snatch their teeth away. They leave little bits of junk, mostly pyrite, so these children would be fooled into thinking that these teeth have merely fallen out.

We move onto the news. Chairs are at the brink of extinction, people. We must do something to prevent the existence of chairs to be wiped out of our world. I first noticed this alarming issue as the chairs in my house vanished one by one in the middle of the night. Oh, who could have done such a thing, killing innocent chairs and erasing their useful existence? We have no idea who is mass removing chairs but this is a serious problem that we have to examine closely.

And now, a word from our sponsors. Tired of not having chicken night after night? Chicken soup with tiny chewy alphabets, breaded chicken served with mashed potatoes, and even chicken flavoured ice cream? Well, fear not, consumers. Now that all forms of chicken are banned due to the ongoing battle with avian flu, we in the food industry recognize your desire for the ubiquitous meat. Montero Industries have come to the rescue of your taste buds, with the new Poult Plus that guarantees you a flavour you sorely miss! It smells like chicken, looks like chicken, and it definitely tastes like chicken! Head down to your nearest supermarket and give it a try already!

For now, the weather…

(Follow the Map by Mono)

Welcome back, dear readers! Let’s take a look at the upcoming calendar. Well, it looks like there will be no rest for the wicked, as children across the nation have waves after waves of examinations to tackle. Remember kids, if you didn’t do well, fear not, as you will be taken to the abandoned mine shafts for copious amounts of re-education, before you are deemed fit to mingle in society. The rooms in the abandoned mine shafts are well furnished with various weaponry, so you can expect a fair fight and may you be the last person standing.

Por los momentos dificiles, ya entendí que la flor más bella sería siempre para mi. Good night, readers. Good night.

Internet Censorship

I’ve been seeing this quite a lot, this being UK’s decision to censor the internet, namely by using internet filters to block out certain content. These automatic filters are being headlined as a powerful tool to combat pornography on the web, and UK Prime Minister David Cameron believes that such measures will ‘protect children and their innocence’. However, strangely enough, “esoteric websites and alternative spirituality” will also be banned under these filters. Other materials to be censored include “violent material”; “extremist and terrorist related content”; “anorexia and eating disorder websites”;”suicide related websites” and even sites mentioning “smoking” and “alcohol”. These filters are automatic, unless you decide to opt out, but I suspect most people wouldn’t look too closely at what is being banned, and so remain unaware of the massive content censorship. (Don’t believe me? How many of you bother to look at the default settings on your phone/computer/email account/internet browser? Some of us do, perhaps, but majority wouldn’t bother.)

But the question I’d like to ask is, what is considered as ‘esoteric’? Its given meaning is vague: ‘intended for or likely to be understood by only a small number of people with a specialized knowledge or interest.’ In this case, wouldn’t everything in specialised fields be considered esoteric? Like someone interested in super advanced theoretical quantum mechanics or something. Rather than targeting anything in specific, it seems like everything the government disagrees with would probably be lumped in there, you know, whatever they don’t want folks to look closely into.

But seriously, if they meant esoteric as in the occult (which basically just means hidden), I don’t really see the point of censorship here either. What, are you afraid that people would start researching in the occult and decide to stop being good Christians and start summoning demons to do their bidding? It doesn’t work like that, majority of the people have no interest in things beyond the stock market/Big Brother contents/cat videos etc, and they probably wouldn’t go out of their way to look for esoteric content by themselves. Also, what happened to religious freedom? Aren’t people allowed to practise their religions without fearing prosecution and unequal treatment? Because this is going to be the case if things like esoteric content are banned, and they decide that Wiccan websites are not to be accessed, for instance. What about academic research into historic topics pertaining to the Celtic druids or mythologies? Or even things like yoga or alternate medicine?

The main purpose of the filters is to protect children from pornography, but truthfully, it’s really not that easy to find it, unless you’re really going out there and looking for it. I mean, I haven’t come across anything (other than random ads that I wouldn’t click with a ten-inch pole unless I want my computer to be ridden with viruses, or… people reblogging scandalous images), unless I actively tried to find something. Look, the point I’m trying to make is, rather than just banning the shit out of things you don’t like, you should teach kids the futility of searching for unhealthy material, like why bother watching pornography when you can be out there doing better things like actually finding a boyfriend/girlfriend? Furthermore, I’m pretty sure there are plenty of filters available out there for parents to use if they want to prevent their kids to access unsavoury websites, so this decision to have an internet censorship is actually quite unnecessary, unless it’s just a cover story, and they have something else in mind.

My issue is that we can’t just ban things we disagree with, otherwise I’d have ban all the humans out there in this world because that’s how dictators are made. (Hitler hated all who didn’t conform to his view as the perfect Aryan, so he banned them permanently, from life, you see that?)

You start with a harmless,’let’s ban porn’ stance, and what, you’d only go deeper and deeper, what’s the next step? ‘Let’s ban all opposing viewpoints and free speech and political discussion’.

(Okay, a small part of me is worried that the local government would take a page out of UK’s book and start censoring the shit out of things.)

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Infographic: UK Filter to Block ‘Esoteric Content’ - Worldwide Implications

Twyla Perfumes and Apothecary; Lirrit

Today’s scent is brought to you by the random number generator, and it’s by one of my favourite indie perfumer.

Lirrit: Innocent, feminine, this perfume captures the little girl in us all – a bit sweet, with a little bit of a mischievous kick – Lirrit comes on sweet and floral-fruity with a lovely Bourbon vanilla base – precious gardenia and spicy carnation make the perfect floral top-note, supported by the grounding jasmine. Mixed berries add a juicy-sweet opening while the ginger is muted but adds a bit of zing, along with the gently spicy pink pepper and pine adding a bit of freshness and spice. Incredibly complex. Beautiful!

It’s a little overwhelming how strong this is on me. Lirrit opens with a bang, in that sort of sweet sweet sweet manner, it’s not exactly floral-fruity, but more of the candy variety.

I think because there’s just so much going on, I can’t really pick out each individual note in this perfume. My untrained nose is like going, ‘woah, too many things’, so it blanks out and just goes, ‘yup, sweet, almost cough syrup-ish’. But I think I can catch a whiff of carnation, and the berries, of course, not so much on the jasmine or pink pepper, which I never really understood, like whaaaaat is pink pepper? And what kind of pepper are we talking about here? You know, pepper as in the salt-and-pepper kind or pepper as in capsicum, or something totally different?

Longevity is fairly decent, like with all my other Twyla scents, I can still detect it after a good 3 – 4 hours.

Things I Love Thursday

I woke up extremely early the other day because I couldn’t sleep anymore and was feeling pretty grumpy about the lack of sleep, but then I immediately felt better after pre-ordering the upcoming AFI album, Burials! :D I was debating whether to get the super special version that comes with a handprinted screen thingy which would set me back 30 pounds, which doesn’t seem like much until you convert it back and see that it’s like 60 bucks.

Watched The Way Way Back the other day, and it was hilarious and fun, in that coming-of-age plus summer kind of way, though I guess it would have made more of an impact on me if I were still at that awkward, oh-god-family-issues age. Not that I’m a well-adjusted adult now, just less likely to sulk over not fitting in/feeling terrible because of what people think of me etc. I love the supporting characters as well as the main characters, like the vaguely alcoholic neighbour that they have, Betty and her kids, especially Peter and his pirate patch, and all the employees working at the water park, of course Jim Rash’s glum and pessimistic character.

Yoshiki’s new classical album is sounding pretty fab! :D I might be biased because much of my formative years was spent listening to X Japan and sobbing my heart out (okay, not really sobbing, just trickles of tears when the sadder songs came on). This amazing set features collaborations between Yoshiki and legendary Beatles producer Sir George Martin, the London Philharmonic Orchestra, the Tokyo City Philharmonic Symphony, and the Quartet San Francisco.

One of my favourite tropes in fanfiction is soulmating/bonding, because isn’t it awesome to know right from the start who is your ‘destined’ companion? It would make life much easier, or not. So yeah, choice picks: if you’re into Torchwood, there’s Jack/Ianto or NHL players (RPF is one of the reasons I’m going to hell) or even Bilbo/Thorin, because even though I’m not fond of dwarves, I like the trope too much… *facepalm*

I also got some new scents in the mail! UK post definitely takes much less time as compared to Canada or US. Good job, Royal Mail. These scents are from Common Brimstone, which I found accidentally scouring through random review websites and I wasn’t actually looking for new fragrances, because I have quite a number of them already, but the descriptions sounded lovely, and you know I’m easily swayed by new things.

And hey, September 19 – Talk Like A Pirate Day! It amuses me to no end that there’s an official day for something like this, seriously, why?! But yeah, arrr, go swab some deck matey, or ye be walking the plank.