Poison Apple Apothecary; Lady Victoria

According to the item description: An embodiment of the Victorian Gothic era. A lady in all outward appearances, but there may be something darker lurking underneath…. Jasmine and vanilla laid gently upon an enigmatic veil of musk.

I bought this back in 2011 from an Etsy store Poison Apple Apothecary/Poison Apple Potions, and it has been one of my favourite scents since I first sniffed it in a sample vial and decided that I needed to get this in a full sized bottle, asap. Unfortunately, Lady Victoria has been discontinued by the seller. There’s probably a good reason for this, but I forgot, ahaha, and she discontinued many other good scents too, so once what remains of my 5 ml bottle is gone, I’ll lose this scent for good. The hoarder in me is obviously going to hoard the hell out of this, but anyway, onwards to my take on the scent.

When first applied, you get a really strong blast of jasmine, which is bad if you dislike the smell. (My friend’s dad hates it apparently, but jasmine is such a lovely smell!) The vanilla isn’t overwhelming, nor is it foody, instead it complements the jasmine gently and subtly. The musk is light and not overpowering and it only comes out after the drydown. Sillage was actually pretty good, I remember someone being able to smell it, and complimenting me too /small victories. And it lasts quite a fair bit on my skin; I can smell it faintly after 6 – 7 hours. I don’t get this much wear time from many other indie scents.

Also, the name? I’m totally biased towards anything that is about the victorian era and about Queen Victoria.


Lips Envy

Her makeup is perfection. Seriously, I love everything on her face – her brows are just so neat, and I’m like, goddamn, I don’t even dare to pluck my brows. And her eyes are lovely; I have a thing for blue eyes, I think, and hers remind me of marbles that I used to have. But at the crux, I want to recreate those lips. According to ‘research’, the products used are apparently Dior Addict Extreme Lipstick in Black Tie over Dior Lipliner in Mysterious Plum. So yeah, obviously more research is to be done by going down to the store and checking out these two things. The issue is, can I pull off dramatic lips?

Things I Love Thursday

Oh hey, it’s Thursday again, and I’m in a pretty good mood, except that’s a lie. I was in a pretty good mood until my mother came home and the first things out of her mouth were criticisms and you know what, I said to myself, ‘fuck it, I’m not going to stew in a fit of negativity and let’s make a list of what made me happy so far this week because lists are fun things.’

Let’s start off with two new bags that I got, okay, one new tote that I got in the mail, and the other was my birthday present that I’ve only just started using.

I’m kinda fond of puns, so yeah, bear necessities? Absolutely adorable~ :D It’s a bit big for me though, but well, I will make it work, somehow! Got this from an etsy shop, and personally, I really like shopping at indie places, because it seems more personal, like the seller will nicely include a handwritten thank you note, and yeah, I have a whole stack of thank you notes/cards/souvenirs stashed away in a drawer.

And here’s the bag that my friends got me, which makes me feel oh-so-grown-up with a proper job, going to places and being badass and all that, even though I’m obviously not, haha. But hey, fake it till you make it, right? (If I were less lazy, I’d totally crop out all the excess white space in that image, but I’m lazy.)

And let me just gush over the Phantom of the Opera one last time, because this was my first time watching something that I grew up with, and because I secretly want to sing ‘All I Ask of You’ with someone, in a romantic way, even though I’d rather die than admit this to someone in real life. (It’s called being a closeted romantic, for a reason.) So yeah, even though the plot of the musical was really rather facepalm-inducing, like Christine, you silly silly girl, just kick the Phantom in the balls and run away already, and stop being stuck in stockholm syndrome. Also, it is not romantic but creepy, to be stalking someone you love. Fear is not a good basis for romance, not in my opinion at least.

I also got a new schedule book! My old one was falling apart and looking grimy and stuff, and I hate not having a proper monthly approach in my planner, because I like seeing how my month plays out in one glance, rather than going through it week by week. Of course, it is best to have both monthly and weekly views in one book. And yes, I know, it’s just a planner, why so picky, but I like the notion of jotting down plans on paper, plus I like having a physical book around handy to write down random ideas before they fly away, even though I know I have a phone and an itouch capable of note-taking. But as my imaginary BFF Oscar Wilde puts it, ‘I never travel without my diary. One should always have something sensational to read in the train.’

And the next one is a bimbotic one, but it makes me happy too~ I got NYX’s soft matte lip cream in Antwerp. And let’s just say that I’m happy I can find NYX easily now, because Sephora didn’t use to carry the brand, and I don’t really know where else to get them. Now to wait for more brands to start pouring in.

NYX states that it’s cruelty free, but it’s manufactured in China, which uses animal testing… I will probably have to go read up on it. But yes, I try to buy cruelty free products because why should any animal suffer for some humans’ vanity? Eating meat, I understand, even though I want to try and go vegan, but I doubt I can achieve this in this lifetime. Anyway, enough of the preaching, it’s time for pretty cosmetics swatches~

I also want to try Stockholm, because the colour is pretty and I like the name. (Totally judging things by their titles, just like how I choose my books.) But truthfully? I’m not much of a lipstick/gloss/balm/tint/thing person; I don’t really like the feel of something on my lips, but still, pretty colours! I’m also on the search for the perfect nude where it’s my lips but better, and the coldest shade that looks as though I’m dying of hypothermia.

Lastly on my list today will be one of the Kickstarter books that I helped to fund! I just received the ebook for The Littlest Lovecraft: The Call of Cthulhu.

But yeah, Lovecraft + children’s book + the fact that I have a niece + I secretly want to be known as the crazy/eccentric/maybe-just-a-little-cool aunt, totally the reasons why I backed this project, oh and the creators seem like awesome people too!

I’ve also been watching quite a few standup comedies, and I must say, I do quite like Russell Brand, even though he does get a little over the top, but I must admit, the character that he portrays himself to be, is totally the type of person I’d be friends with, except I’d probably be permanently embarrassed by him.

Also, Simon Amstell is really adorable, the type you’d want to pat and go awww, and he’s less of an annoying twat in his standups than on Never Mind the Buzzcocks because sometimes he’s just so rude to the guests, and I know that that’s like the whole point of the show, but still… idk. Other things to note, Bill Bailey, Tim Minchin and Noel Fielding are also hilarious, fun people, and I’d like to have a chance to meet them or something. (On the other hand, I wasn’t really impressed with Donald Glover, while John Mulaney is also quite funny at times.)

This week has yet to come to an end, and I look forward to more awesome things, because it’s better than dreading the inevitable end of us all, right?

play-acting as a kid

Since I just went to watch the Phantom of the Opera, I thought, why not write about a related anecdote from my childhood?

And here, have some context: I’ve never watched the Phantom before today, nor properly read the book, so the plot wasn’t really all that clear for me. This was when I was around 10, so don’t think too badly of me?

So yeah, my house had a copy of the score written for voice and piano accompaniment (which is still somewhere around in some drawer, along with Les Miserables.), and I’d play/sing it because those songs are definitely more entertaining than scales or other pieces I had to practise for piano lessons. And yeah, once I knew the basic gist of the song, it was open season for me because I’d take the scores and start to act the songs out. Not with people, of course, because my siblings are way too old to play with me, even back when I was a kid, and I don’t see my friends out of school at that age too. So I’d end up staging my own play using my toys, but since I didn’t own any dolls, I used my random Pokemon figurines instead. Yup, I remember casting Eevee as my leading lady, since it looked vaguely feminine, while Growlithe was my leading man because well, it was the most masculine-ish Pokemon out of the bunch. (In many of my stagings, those two were my leading characters, hahaha. Aaaand I did quite a few such directing shticks, some involving Shakespearean plays that would have made Shakespeare roll in his grave.) But yeah, it was fun, doing all the voices and being all melodramatic, and now I’m nostalgic for those days. Indeed, imagination is the best toy.

Of course, since I didn’t know the storyline, I made my own tale up, and every re-enactment was different because I couldn’t remember what my own plot was. But being a naive kid/less cynical, my stories always ended on a relatively happy note, where Christine and Raoul would end up happy together, and in some versions, there wasn’t even a real Phantom, but more of a manifestation of one’s own fear. Yeah, kid!me was already quite ridiculous.

An After-Dinner Mystery in the Afternoon

I had a little date with myself today, which means that I went out and spent probably more money than I should.

Of course, I woke up at an unholy hour – actually, it wasn’t that bad, but yeah, I got up at 8 because I had to go do a bout of tutoring at 10. My student, the one who got punched a week or so ago, was milking his injury for what’s it worth. Apparently, by skipping school, he could pretend that the punch hurt him more than it did, and he could get reparations from the school/other kid’s parents, whatever.

After that, I went on to town to catch The After Dinner Mysteries. You’re unfamiliar with the show, you say? It’s basically a mystery (duh, the title says that.), the whodunit kind, with the cliched endings. But anyway, the gist of it is as such: The main character is a rich heiress, Hosho Reiko (Kitagawa Keiko), who is also a rookie police officer. She is usually accompanied by her butler, Kageyama, played by Arashi’s Sakurai Sho. He’s the smart one who normally helps to solve her cases. Aaaand he doesn’t get to take the credit unfortunately. The one person who wins in the end would be the bumbling, obnoxious Detective Kazamatsuri.

Here’s a trailer, without subs…

It was a pretty fun romp; the story starts off with Reiko getting on a luxury cruise ship, for a vacation. However, her holiday was marred by the murder of a passenger. Meanwhile, the priceless artefact that Dectective Kazamatsuri is tasked to protect, is being targeted by a couple of bumbling thieves.

Anyway, meanwhile, I have realised why the movie is being shown here – they filmed some parts of it here. Apparently, the cast and crew were at the Merlion, Raffles Hotel, that whole area. Which I would have gone down to look at, if I was that much of a fan. Because I have to confess, I haven’t exactly read the mangas or the novels/watched the series when it was aired on the television, though I do know the basic plot and characters.

Yeah, I like Kageyama’s character very much, the whole butler shtick reminded me vaguely of Stephen Fry’s Jeeves, where he’d subtly insult his employer, Bertie Wooster. His banter with Reiko is kind of cute at times, especially when she’s all riled up by his impenetrable calmness.

The ending was interesting, though the murderer was pretty expected, in the sense that the criminal is always the least likely character. But of course, the sleuth will always come up with a very reasonable explanation. But the identity of the great thief Phantom Soros… that was a little unexpected.

Yeah, there wasn’t any parts that made you want to hang off the edge of your seat, nor made you feel overwhelmed with emotions, but it was at times hilarious and highly entertaining, so yeah, that was a pretty good 2 hours spent.


Since this is the first post in the Spirit Working category, I feel obliged to state where I stand in terms of beliefs – I’m an eclectic pagan, with Anubis as my patron deity, and while I follow the Wheel of the Year and some of the teachings, I do not consider myself as a Wiccan anymore, since I am slowly moving into other paths, such as attempting to dabble in chaos magic and other forms of occultism.

Also, before I get blasted for using the term ‘Spirit Working’, I mean it in a more generic way, as opposed to saying that I’m working on the direct instructions of a specific deity, which I am not, because I don’t have a functional godphone, and I suspect that I might be headblind. I can’t communicate directly with the deities, and my only attempts are through various forms of divination, which I am not expert at since I find that hindsight is always more accurate than my expectations from my own readings/interpretations.

Anyway, today’s post is on Ogham, a form of divination system, because I just received my set in the mail a couple of days ago.

Ogham, sometimes referred to as the Celtic Tree Alphabet, is an early medieval script, used in early Irish writings. I’d consider them to be the Celtic equivalent of the Norse futhark runes. The script consists of 20 letters, all linked to different trees, hence the term above. (5 more letters were added later, but I’m not using that particular system.)

The script was believed to be created by the god Ogma, one of the Tuatha Dé Danann (‘People of the goddess Danu’), according to Irish mythology. Ogma was a god of light and illumination, a solar deity who aided mankind by giving them gifts and services. As such, he was said to have taught the people writing. He is also considered as the god of the druids, hence it is plausible that Ogham was used in divinations and rituals. But of course, these staves are more than just fortune-telling tools.

I just got my set recently, so I haven’t had the time to really study anything yet, but what I love about this particular set of staves, is that the maker has used the letters’ corresponding wood as the material. Which is really fascinating, because I don’t think we have that wide range of trees here, or at least I’m bollocks at identifying trees. So yeah, if the letter is Idho/I, the corresponding wood would be yew, so the stave is made from a branch taken from the yew tree.

Solstice Scents; Spellbound Woods

This category was inspired by a blogger’s side project, 365 days of smells, in which she reviewed an indie scent everyday. Obviously, considering my collection isn’t as large and I have no desire to write about perfumery daily (even though I do enjoy it as a hobby greatly), making this a weekly thing would be a fun break from reading about my constant melodrama, right?

Anyway, today’s pick was brought to you by a random number generator, because the ocd freak in me has nicely organized my collection in a numbered Excel file for handy referencing. 

Solstice Scents is an indie company in the US, selling quite a range of products – body lotions, whipped soaps, perfumes, sugar scrubs etc. Their prices are pretty affordable, and shipping isn’t too exorbitant, unlike many other online stores, which is really good.

A soft, incensy blend of vanilla, sandalwood, cedar & amber

From the website: Spellbound Woods is magical blend of alluring vanilla, sandalwood, amber and cedarwood. It is amazingly soft, light and sensual…not overpowering at all. It is softly sweet from the vanilla, but not in a buttercream foody kind of way. It is a nice unisex scent and smells like a light, very mild incense without smoke notes. A soft vanilla is the strongest note, laying on a bed of very mild and delicious woods. This scent is pure magic. Contains sandalwood essential oil. A top seller!

It started off being merely very sweet and warm, which is probably the vanilla and amber parts. The sandalwood was actually quite prominent for me, and it reminded me quite a bit of my first yoga teacher, who liked to spray sandalwood essential oil on our wrists and make us meditate in a seated position. Next, I noticed the cedar note, which seemed a little out of place to me, actually, especially when the vanilla has faded/dried down and isn’t really that obvious anymore.

It smells perfectly nice, but I’m not really that fond of the scent, and nothing really jumps out at me. Sillage isn’t that noticeable after it has dried down, unless I sniff at my wrists, which is good, I suppose, as opposed to those people who wear really loud scents – you smell them before you even spot them coming down the road. Longevity isn’t that great on me; my skin eats scents, I tell you. They’re nearly gone within 2 to 3 hours.

Celebrity Crush: Dylan O’Brien

I present to you, my dear enraptured readers with my current crush of the season, *drum roll* Dylan O’Brien~! :D Mainly because The Internship is out in theatres now, and even though I have no frigging clue what the show is about, I will watch it just to look at this boy. Who is really my kind of boy-next-door cute. Seriously, you could put say, Johnny Depp, Benedict Cumberbatch, Tom Hiddleston, Chris Evans together with Dylan O’Brien in a lineup, and I will ultimately go for Dylan even though I might be very very very tempted by other choices. (Because I want to retain my sanity, Chris Pine is not in that lineup.) And now that I have embarrassed myself by listing some of my shallow shallow celebrity crushes, you can either move on or fangirl over Dylan with me. I hope for the latter, but I expect the former to happen.

He’s my age, for once, so there’s no effy feelings about gushing constantly over him, aaand his birthday is actually coming soon~ in fact, it’s on Monday! :D

I’m a total sucker for a cute smile, yup.

Plus, he looks good in glasses, and gosh that mole on his cheek is adorable too. (I have it bad, I know, I know. Don’t judge me, I am merely a weak human.)

This boy is a complete goofball and he’s hilarious, as evidenced by this:

C’mon, someone who can lipsync to Spice Girls’ Wannabe? Total keeper, that one XD


Next piece of evidence:

His breakout role is playing Stiles, the main character’s best friend, in MTV’s Teen Wolf. Which isn’t actually a terrible show, even though it’s MTV, and you might think that the premise is tacky, but really, it’s heartbreaking and exciting, and they’re really good, trust me, I’m a fangirl and I take these things seriously.

Aaand this bromance thing with Tyler Hoechlin? Total approval, okay. I’m a derek/stiles shipper and unashamed of it.

He’s also on one episode of New Girl, which I haven’t watched becaaaaause I’m not really a fan of Zooey Deschanel. Nothing against her, I’m sure she’s a lovely person, buuuut the MPDG shtick isn’t my cup of tea.

He might not have good taste in music, but still he’s honest about it!

Drummers? Hotter than the lead guitarist, I tell you.

Other than The Internship, Dylan also stars in The First Time and High Road, which have yet to make their way into theatres here, and I doubt they will, so I will have to wait for a DVD release, which sucks, but still.

But yeah, going back to Teen Wolf, he’s basically the main reason why I continued watching the show, even when I was cringing over how silly Tyler Posey’s character, Scott, was. (I suffer from second-hand embarrassment.) But Stiles was a fantastic and adorkable character, and I love his lines, and the range of emotions he has to portray on the show.

But yeah, if you didn’t close this page and rolled your eyes at me?